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Knowing Genius Referrals: Facilities And Earnings For Promoters With Advocate Portal

Marketing Automation allows us to offer a personalized business relationship

Peace of mind, profits, and time savings in management are the facilities that installing a CRM can bring to the company.

Therefore, we must know that automating referral marketing will give us more clients and greater productivity.

For a Referral Program, it is essential to keep constant statistics and monitoring, to know the impact of marketing strategies, to increase credibility and generate more and more conversions on our site.

Thus, we will be able to obtain more clients who promote our business with their contacts, who will also be rewarded in a close win-win relationship.

In addition, Automated Marketing is one of the latest trends aimed at increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, measuring their results, and reaching new audience niches.

Why automate a Referral Program?

Marketing Automation includes the installation and optimization of software that adds processes and techniques to increase business flow and market strategies.

This brings benefits such as a positive ROI, user retention, and the generation of potential customers.


  • Based on optimization, we make the most of the company's human resources and allocate time to high-impact tasks.
  • The company will become that way, more productive, dedicating its strength and commitment to other commercial tasks.
  • We will maintain an updated database with all the information about potential and current clients, which will allow us to draw up personalized sales strategies.
  • We will be able to build a relationship with all the leads (potential customers) through data analysis since we will know their purchases, tastes, needs, and other elements.
Genius is peace of mind, personalized service, powerful tools, saving time and money
Genius Referrals: ease and simplicity in the company-client relationship
"We make it easier and faster than ever to grow your business through referrals"

Through this logo, Genius Referrals communicates to its users the steps they can take and the results.

An automated referral program that offers rewards and high profits to its participants in a short period, is what the company proposes, as one of the most avant-garde Marketing action lines of the moment.

Empowering customers and from this, boosting sales more and more, are the objectives of the actions of Genius Referrals, a company that ensures the satisfaction of the protagonists of its automated Marketing Programs.

Genius Advocate Portal, the classic essence of Genius

What characterizes the Genius Referrals proposal? What makes the company make a difference in the current context?

The Genius Advocate Portal platform is the very center of activity for Genius Referrals, the first created to facilitate the offer of programs and technology.

Advocate Portal is fundamentally intended to facilitate the management of Affiliates and Influencers, to whom it offers ALL the statistics they require to monitor their actions in real-time.

“Empower promoters” is its central objective, giving it total control of the processes.

We know that in a Referral Program, it is vital to constantly measure the statistics that tell us if the recommendation actions are going well, reaching the audience that is needed and promoting the desired reaction.

And that is what the Genius Advocate Portal guarantees, a sure knowledge of the value of the effort and, above all, of the results.

In addition, this template allows Affiliates and Influencers to choose the reward method they prefer, something that makes a difference, since promoters can select the payment method they like the most, whether it is transfer, gift card, bonuses, etc.

Classic template, all included

4 easy steps guarantee business-referral success with Genius Advocate Portal:
  1. Subscribe
  2. Share
  3. Win
  4. Get paid
With one click, earn referrals.
That's the practical proposition of the Genius Advocate Portal template.

By subscribing, the promoter client will have access to the main functionalities such as Share Messaging. It contains channels and links to share a personal URL on social media, through emails and SMS.

That URL can be shared with friends and contacts or the public, and for each valid referral, the promoter will get bonuses that can increase in short periods.

The Advocate Portal Template includes communication channels through which the promoter can obtain benefits:
  • personal URL
  • discount code
  • QR code
These elements are shared through Share Messaging both by Email, from any of the existing platforms, and by SMS or social media.

Social spaces for promotion include:
In each of these networks, the promoter can share automatically, easily, and simply, and obtain referrals that translate into bonuses. All this with just one click.

Payment facilities, we choose the best

Genius Advocate Portal provides the promoter, through constant statistics, complete knowledge of his strategy. Thus, you can choose the most feasible channel to share content and get referrals.

Then, in the Payment Section, you can redeem the accumulated bonuses and choose between 7 payment methods proposed by the template:
  • Gift card
  • Pay by Paypal
  • Credits
  • Voucher
  • Shopify code
  • Products
  • Cash

Why stay with Genius?

Our Advocate Portal consolidates the Referral-Company relationship through modern, automated, and optimized programs to ALWAYS generate profits.

The protagonists of our programs will obtain bonuses in a short period, thanks to the facilities that our classic template makes available to them.

We guarantee our clients a higher economic return on investment (ROI) since we will be able to measure and use techniques with better conversion ratios.

We also carry out a follow-up and analysis of each action, to offer constant monitoring of the strategies.

By automating email, social media, and SMS campaigns, we will obtain more contacts and promoters for the brand.