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An inspiring selection of Referral Programs
from our clients.
  • Newsletter Referral Program
  • FinTech Referral Program
    Bright Star
  • Refer a Friend Program
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Realtor Referral Program
    Area Wireless
  • Newsletter Referral Program
  • FinTech Referral Program
    Everest Business Funding
  • Newsletter Referral Program
    Picture Start
  • Influencer Referral Program
  • Tax Referral Program
  • Customer Referral Program
    Harvest Hosts
  • Real State Referral Program
    Shaare Real State Deals
  • Newsletter Referral Program
    Italian Fix - Travel
  • Client Referral Program
    TM Taxes
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Telecom Referral Program
  • Client Referral Program
    Real Credit Deal
  • Customer Referral Program
    Mi Paquete
  • Partner Referral Program
    1 800 Water Damage
  • Client Referral Program
  • Affiliate Program
    Profit Squirrel
  • Dating Affiliate Program
    Black Tie Club
  • Refer a Friend Program
  • E-Learning Referral Program
  • Customer Referral program
    #1 Premiere
  • FinTech Referral Program
  • Refer a Friend Program
  • Health Insurance Referral Program
    Andes Salud
  • Customer Referral Program
  • Partner Referral Program
    TM Taxes
  • Customer Referral Program
    Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity
  • FinTech Referral Program
  • Customer Referral Program
    Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity

What Our Clients Say

  • We have used a variety of referral/affiliate web applications over the last few years. We have tried them all big and small (ShareASale, Refersion, ReferralCandy, just to name a few).

    While they all worked okay for what we needed at the time, Genius Referrals is truly the total package. The only complaint is that we didn't find them sooner! If you plan to grow your affiliate program, start with a strong framework and go for Genius Referrals.

    Crystal H.
  • In particular, they are the only provider I could find, and I spent a while researching that also supported the notion of allowing my Advocates/Promoters to build a downline of referrals underneath them and enable them to earn commission and infinite levels below them as I determine. I'm a big believer in MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing, in particular for my business, and as such, it was the critical feature I wanted that no other platform had. Their implementation is EXCELLENT and has met all my needs. One other thing I appreciated was that they were a USA-based company and even more so based in my state of residence/operation and makes me feel better sleeping at night that they are a reputable, sizeable company that has been doing this for a long time.
    John F.


  • I have used Genius Referrals to launch our referral program and was extremely pleased with the amount of work they did for us from the outset. They were always ready with an answer and went beyond their scope of duty to assist with setting the program up. Quick, fast and well worth it!!! Pros: Ability to customize your programs and the fact that your advocates can have their own logins to track their progress topped with great customer support.

    Pieter Mey


  • If you want to make your customers really promote your product or service and not just to subscribe to some contest or sweepstakes, then this is for you! Believe me when I say that I searched around the web to find the right solution, and finally, when I found this, it did not let me down! First of all, it is so good that these guys let you have a longer than usual risk-free period to evaluate. Pricing itself is actually very affordable. These guys are sure that you stick with them, and they are correct - you will. When it comes to customer service, they will not let you down.
    Vile L.

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