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How it Works

Better Buyers, Better Sales

The Genius Referral Platform helps you gain new, better customers by leveraging your existing ones.
Creating your
Create your own rewards for your referral marketing campaigns. You even have the flexibility of either fixed or variable rewards
Pick Your Rewards
Your new advocates want to tell the world about you! But how? It's as easy as just a few clicks with our comprehensive array of sharing tools.
Spread the Word
Empower Your Customers
Turn your customers into brand advocates while acquiring buyers with higher value and retention rates.
When your customers succeed, you succeed. Our dashboard provides a wealth of data that makes it easy to see what's working. You can also automate payout methods across multiple payment platforms, saving precious time and money.
Give Your Advocates Control


Simply announce your new program to your customers using all available channels. Mention your offer and invite them to join.
Promote It
Soon your customers become full-fledged brand advocates. They share your offering with friends and family, and now you've drastically increased your exposure across Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, email, and more.
Customers Become Advocates
Recommendations are huge for increasing conversions. Now, your advocates are doing the selling for you and making new customers out of their friends and family.
Advocates Gain Customers
These aren't just any customers. The value of a referred customer is higher than any other type, and they also have a better retention rate.
Acquire New Customers
Reward your advocates for their hard work with a range of options including cash, credit, vouchers, physical products, and more.
Reward Advocates
As you gain more advocates, they create more customers. Then, those new customers become advocates themselves, and eventually they also acquire customers. The circle of growth repeats.
Grow the Network
More Referrals
Boost your sales with the ability to easily launch and manage a referral program.
Boost Sales
The dynamic Genius Referral Platform helps you drive sales and increase revenue.
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    Pick Your Rewards
      We've made onboarding effortless with a quick 6-step process that creates an initial version of your referral program. Then simply tweak it to fit your specific goals.


      The Genius Referral Platform offers a wealth of customization options for enticing and rewarding your customers with your campaign.
      Schedule automatic payouts or create a schedule.
      The choice is yours!
      Multi-level Campaigns
      Fixed and Percentage Rewards
      Brand Yourself
        We know how important your brand is to you. Browse our library to find the perfect template and customize the look and feel to mesh seamlessly with your company's image. Full white label available.
        Multi-tiered Campaigns
        Single and Double-sided Rewards
        Customized Sharing
          Pick which platforms you want to be shared on, then personalize the message that's sent to friends and family. Generate custom links, promo codes, and more.
          Branded Notifications
            Never be out of the loop. Not only does Genius Referrals provide a complete email notification service for your referral program, but you can modify it to match your branding.
            Launch Your Campaign
              Configuring your campaign was easy. Launching it is even easier. Notify your prospects and customers of the exciting rewards they can earn by running an email marketing blast, posting on Facebook, Tweeting about it, sharing your LinkedIn network, or a wealth of other options.
              Monitor & Optimize
                Refine your referral program so you're getting the most out of it with detailed insights, advanced analytics, and our comprehensive dashboards. Figure out what's working and what's not. Adjust your programs in real-time based on your needs and maximize your growth.
                Pick Your Payouts
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