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Referral Program Templates
Explore our referral program templates that can be customized to mesh seamlessly with your brand.
Amplify your brand advocacy with the Advocate Portal template – a comprehensive referral program solution for your advocates. Effortlessly manage all aspects of their journey, from Access and Shares to Insights and Payouts. Empower your advocates for amplified success.
Advocate Portal
Referral Capture
Capture new referrals seamlessly using our Referral Capture templates. Tailored to unlock the potential of brand advocates, these referral landing pages offer everything needed to monitor and trace fresh referrals. Choose from three distinct page types: forms, discount codes, and app downloads.
Widgets are versatile blocks that can be placed anywhere on your website, elevating user experience. Discover a range of widget types, including referral link sharing, stats summaries, tables, sliders, and more. Transform your website into an interactive hub of engagement and insights.
Maximize customer engagement with our Post-Purchase referral program templates. Implement these templates on your Thank You Purchase Confirmation or Sign-up Confirmation pages to inspire your current customers to share their experiences. You have the flexibility to install them in a modal or seamlessly embed them directly onto your page.
Explore our collection to discover the ideal referral program template and tailor its appearance to seamlessly align with your company's unique image.

List bonus Widget

The advocate list bonus widget delivers deep insight into the referral program account. You can use it under the user's account in a banner, footer, lateral menu, pop-ups, or modal.
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