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Martech: 7 Ways To Apply Technology To Optimize A Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing and technology are a union that speeds up the pace of today's society, a mix without which we could not move forward.

Marketing has evolved, expanding its traditional limits thanks to the advances made by technology in data and information management.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence have shaped elements such as social networks, Big Data, and the IoT (Internet of Things), to change the way of perceiving and satisfying the needs of users.

In this way, the Martech concept arises, resulting from the union of the words marketing and technology. And although currently every Digital Marketing initiative is linked to technology, this concept is fundamentally used for strategies that use advanced technological tools to achieve the proposed marketing goals.

How is Martech applied?

As we explained, Martech is present in most Digital Marketing strategies.

The main areas of application in business strategies are:

1- Mobile Marketing: A marketing strategy that is not suitable to reach cell phones is not feasible in these times.

Therefore, we must use technology in the search for solutions that allow us to take advantage of mobile platforms to promote products or services, in addition to detecting consumer tastes.

2- Big Data: The in-depth analysis of data associated with consumers is vital for taking advantage of Digital Marketing strategies.

Big Data as an Artificial Intelligence technology helps us with the interpretation of large amounts of data, to build high-value information.

3- Cloud Marketing: The Cloud is the data storage space par excellence. We can use, in our Digital Marketing campaign, any type of marketing-oriented technology that is based on cloud services.

4- Social Media Monitoring: We are talking about the development of platforms that analyze the data obtained from the different social networks and allow us to understand, predict and consolidate the information that is generated through the different social networks.

5- Collaboration tools. The Martech offers us the possibility of unifying forces in achieving the objectives of our strategy.

We can collaborate and work as a team with technological tools and applications such as Trello, Google Drive, or Slack, each of which complements the work of Marketing.

6- Automation tools. The automation of Digital Marketing is also an edge of Martech, which allows processes to be streamlined through the use of a CRM, to manage all user data.

7- Email marketing and SMS tools: Technological tools to improve and automate the sending of emails and messages add great value to today's digital strategies.

The functionality of these tools in Martech allows obtaining very valuable information through multiple channels to predict consumer behavior.
Advantages of applying Martech in digital strategies
Through the description of its application, we have been able to learn about many of the advantages that Martech offers to a Digital Marketing strategy.

Let's know other benefits of applying technology to Marketing:

A greater understanding of the audience and their needs for a product or service allows the identification of brand promoters who exert influence on the target audience.

The development of relational marketing is facilitated because based on the information obtained from the analysis of the public, we will be able to design better proposals.

It helps develop the customer-centric strategy to offer each of them what they need when they need it.

Martech makes it possible to interact with users whenever they need it, but without being intrusive. Through constant monitoring, we can know how to manage our audience.