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Knowing Genius Referrals: Empowering Promoters Is Our Key To Success

Empower, what does it mean?

Empower, empowerment means to give or grant power to someone else.

But in the world of marketing, empower is a word that has a greater meaning. When we talk about “empowering customers”, it means giving them an active role in our brand, company, and community.

It also indicates that we will help them to gain new skills for their daily life and that we will seek their opinions and experiences to make decisions about how to improve our care strategy, our sales, and our services in general.

Therefore, "empowering" a person, in marketing, means that we allow them to make important decisions and that we give them tools to do so that boost their originality and creativity.

Empowering customers, key to Referral Marketing strategies

If we empower a user, we not only get a loyal customer committed to our brand, but also a promoter who will recommend our products and services to their close contacts.

And that is the very basis of Referral Marketing.

In a Referral program, customer empowerment is vital, as it establishes a process of loyalty and audience retention through which a solid user-company relationship is created by exchanging valuable knowledge and experiences.

For the strategies to obtain positive results, this relationship must be based on trust and transparency.

As we explained, "empowered" customers will help us manage our strategies to respond to their needs and preferences. And for this, we must give them valuable tools and quality content that shows them how the company works and what value our offer has.

Thus, we must understand the complexities of users and know exactly what educational content to offer them to give them more power and greater participation in the brand community.

We can know in-depth the interests, needs, motivations, and other information of interest of the clients through the management of email, SMS, and social networks. For example:
  • Sending questionnaires
  • Conducting interviews
  • Carrying out public studies
  • Using automated methods and Big Data
  • Interacting and soliciting opinions on social media posts
From these elements we will be able to make a buyer or ideal client profile and taking that into account, share content and direct strategies.

What elements to take into account to create strategies to "empower" customers:
- The niche we are targeting and the customers who frequently search for it.
- The type of educational content that facilitates our clients to manage side by side with our company
- Their interests, preferences, needs, and motivations
Customer Tools
To empower our clients, we must offer them educational tools and informative content about the characteristics of our brand, its objectives, products, and/or services.

We can make the client know more about our company and our work through:
  • Blog
  • Infographics
  • Guides
  • Tutorial videos
  • Webinars
Genius Advocate Portal, empowering the promoter is our main objective
At Genius Referrals, we know that "empowering" the client and involving promoters in decision-making is the key to obtaining better results and increasing sales exponentially from an active position.

The Genius Advocate Portal platform, the very center of Genius Referrals activity, is fundamentally intended to facilitate the management of Affiliates and Influencers.

To them, we offer the content and all the statistics to monitor their actions in real-time and thus draw their plans and obtain their rewards.

Giving promoters total control of the processes, we guarantee fast-growing and time-saving management.

The Genius Advocate Portal also gives Affiliates and Influencers the power to choose the reward method they prefer: transfers, gift cards, bonuses, etc.
Empower and Win
One of the competitive advantages that every company wants to have is the loyalty and fidelity of customers.

At Genius Referrals we know that this can only be achieved through a clear and transparent company-client relationship, which is why we make available to our promoters all the statistical tools and information they require so that they can make decisions associated with their activity with our company.

Thus, Genius Advocate Portal provides the promoter with constant statistics and metrics for complete knowledge of their strategy. That way they can choose the most feasible channel to share content and get referrals.

Our Advocate Portal consolidates the Promoter-Company relationship through modern, automated, and optimized programs to always generate profits for both sides.

The promoters of our programs will obtain bonuses in a short period, thanks to the facilities that our classic template makes available to them, while the companies will obtain a greater economic return on investment (ROI) resulting from measurements and techniques with better percentages.

We also carry out a follow-up and analysis of each action, to offer constant monitoring of the strategies.

We automate email, social media, and SMS campaigns to obtain more contacts and promoters for the brand.

Advocate Portal, “empowering”

Promoters have at their fingertips all the elements that "empower" them and give them the power to direct their referral strategy through our Advocate Portal.

Among these elements reflected in the Genius Classic Template, you can consult:
  1. Tips and demos
  2. Virtual tours
  3. Experiences of other promoters
In addition, we offer facilities and automated tools so that you can develop your strategy and recommend easily and simply, obtaining referrals that translate into bonuses.

All this with just one click.

These elements are then personalized and shared automatically through Shared Messaging by Email (from any of the existing platforms), SMS, or social media.
Social spaces for promotion include:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- WhatsApp
- LinkedIn
- TikTok