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Knowing Genius Referrals: All Metrics In The Genius Advocate Portal

How to know if our marketing strategy is giving the expected results, in the proposed time?
How to know our impact in the digital world? Are we creating an effective campaign for our brand image?

All these questions have the same answer method: metrics.

The importance of metrics and data within the strategic planning of campaigns and sales is increasing every day, especially thanks to the development of techniques that link data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Recent studies indicate that about 90 percent of marketing leaders use these indicators as part of their strategy.

Defining and monitoring correct metrics will allow us to:
  • Guide team efforts
  • Make predictions and make correct decisions to guide the marketing strategy
  • Get a higher ROI
  • Increase customer base

Marketing Metrics

In marketing, a metric yields numerical results that generally indicate the good performance of a campaign or strategy.

Several metrics are currently analyzed in the marketing field, to obtain specific results and guide a strategy, improving aspects such as customer acquisition and interaction.

Marketing metrics are characterized by their division into groups, which will allow us to know which of them we will need to analyze according to our strategy:

  • General or area metrics: They indicate the relationship between organizational effort and investment.
  • Campaign metrics: They show the reaction of the audience to a particular campaign, both in the acquisition of leads and in the increase or decrease in sales.
  • Product metrics: Are you liking our product? Through these metrics, we know the answer to this question, according to public acceptance and preference.
  • Digital Metrics: These metrics reflect our presence on the Internet and measure the acquisition of followers, interactions, conversions, etc.
What are the most effective metrics?
In the previous typologies, several essential metrics are included that will allow us to know various data about our marketing strategy.

For example:
  • Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC: Average cost that is invested to convert a potential customer into a new customer.
  • Customer life cycle ratio. It indicates the total value that the brand receives for each client, compared to what has been invested to achieve it.
  • Investment recovery time. It reflects the number of months that the company needs to return the money invested to acquire new consumers.
  • Percentage of customers originated from marketing. Refers to the marketing contribution rate.
  • Conversion rate. It allows knowing the percentage of people who carry out the actions expected within the strategy.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). The Net Promoter Score is an indicator of customer satisfaction.
  • Cost per lead. Indicates if we get a good ROI.
  • Clickthrough rate (CTR). Let you know the performance of promotion within a marketing campaign.
Essential metrics for an effective referral campaign
Analyzing metrics is one of the most important processes within a Referral Marketing campaign.

This type of strategy based on promoting contacts and obtaining new customers through word of mouth requires specific statistics that indicate the results of our promotions within a period.

For example, we should analyze the following questions:

What are the results of the promotions? How many of the visits to our page, derived from invitations, become Leads?

These parameters will tell us if our campaign is going well if users feel represented and even if the rewards we offer are a good option. These questions will be answered through various metrics:

Participant sharing rate: Using the participant sharing rate allows us to know the average number of unique actions per campaign participant. The higher this rate, the greater the reach of the campaign and the lower the cost per customer acquisition.

Invitation clickthrough rate. We must also analyze the percentage of clicks of the invitations or Click Through Rate (CTR) that indicates the people who click on the invitation of the promoter.
To increase this number we must personalize the invitation messages.

Invitation conversion rate. We also use the Conversion Rate of the invitations to know how many people, after having clicked on the invitation, arrived at the page of the recommendation campaign.
The invite conversion rate tells us how many people became Leads through those invites.
The essence of our Advocate Portal, all available metrics, at your fingertips, and at the moment
We make it easier and faster than ever to grow your business through referrals.

That is how we express it and that is how we fulfill it, but… how do we achieve it?

Well, making available to all our promoters, all the exact metrics resulting from continuous monitoring and analysis that indicate:
  • if your strategy is paying off
  • which is the best channel to promote content
  • what type of content is best for your followers
From these analyzes, we managed to empower customers and boost sales.

Genius Advocate Portal: constant analysis, data at the moment

The Genius Advocate Portal template is the very hub of Genius Referrals activity, facilitating the offering of programs and technology and the management of Affiliates and Influencers.

To them, the promoters, it offers all the statistics they need to monitor their actions in real-time, through automated processes that analyze data in real-time.

For an effective Referral Program, Advocate Portal constantly analyzes the data that tells promoters if their referral actions are on the right track.

In addition, they can find out if their content is of quality, how to improve their invitation links according to the preferences of their followers and drive creative and original actions.

Likewise, this template allows Affiliates and Influencers to choose the reward method they prefer, something that makes a difference, as promoters can select the payment method they like the most, whether it be transfer, gift card, bonuses, etc.

Classic template, success guaranteed

4 easy steps guarantee business-referral success with Genius Advocate Portal:
  1. Subscribe
  2. Share
  3. Win
  4. Get paid

With one click, earn referrals.

That is the practical proposal of the Genius Advocate Portal template, which, through graphics, makes available to our promoters all the necessary data to guide their strategy... instantly.

The graphs indicate very easily and using tonalities, the numbers that will allow us to compare the results of the promotion campaigns and direct them. Data like:
click rate
conversion rate
referral participation
In addition, from this data, we will know exactly the type of reward we want