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What Is Voice Recognition? Voice Marketing And Its Impact On Current Strategies

Although we do not notice it, voice recognition is one of the Artificial Intelligence technologies that we use the most.

It is a technological system that we use fundamentally in those situations where our hands are busy, for reasons of comfort and speed. This involves talking to our mobile devices, dictating orders to phones, and sending messages to voice systems installed in our homes.

We also use it in the professional and business field, fundamentally to save time and resources in those situations that warrant it.

But what do we mean by voice recognition?

Voice recognition or speaker recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence that involves machines learning to recognize and analyze the human voice, to enable communication between people and computer systems.

A voice recognition system can detect and understand people's words, depending on their sophistication. Some understand words and analyze them, executing actions easily, and other simpler ones have more difficulty understanding human speech.

The inner workings of a recognition system look like this:
  • The system detects the person's words
  • Using a system of computational algorithms, it converts these words into a format that is readable by the machine.
  • Finally, depending on the message received, the system reacts and processes the execution of an order, or offers a response to follow the flow of a conversation.
How is voice recognition used in society?
As we explained, voice recognition is something that we use regularly in today's world.

Some of the applications of this technology are:

  • Car systems: To control some operations inside the car. Like, as example, activate the GPS, make a call, or play a song.

  • Voice dictation: Voice dictation includes an application that automatically writes everything we dictate.

  • Telephone scope: Allows you to execute commands by speaking in a telephone conversation to a non-human agent, instead of pressing physical or tactile buttons

  • Mobile devices: We use it in numerous small devices and not only on mobile but also in smartwatches, electronic wristbands, etc.

  • Systems for people with disabilities: Depending on the type of disability that a person has, they can use voice recognition devices to improve their quality of life.
Voice Marketing. Voice recognition in Digital Marketing
Voice Marketing is evolving rapidly thanks to the appearance of new technologies.

Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have changed the way we reach consumers, in addition to streaming audio and media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora, making it instantly recognizable that the power of voice in modern marketing.

Many brands today take advantage of the opportunity to interact and get closer to their target audiences through voice search technologies.

And it is that among the benefits that voice recognition brings to marketing include:
  • Assistive devices generate more web traffic and search results.
  • They are a completely new form of advertising
  • They improve the experience of the marketing action towards the consumer thanks to voice recognition and user preferences.
  • They offer an innovative channel for customer information and metrics.
  • Users can also interact in various ways through voice technologies. For example, this technology applied to search engines uses a combination of search history and user behavior, along with more relevant response data.