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What Is Engagement? How To Generate It In Referral Marketing?

Engagement is a word that we hear a lot in the field of Marketing. The term also can be understood as 'commitment' or 'fidelity'.

It is normally used in the business world to refer to the level of commitment and involvement of a client with the company, personal satisfaction, and better reaction.

Let's see some types of Engagement that play with the concept today:

Marketing Engagement
In Marketing, engagement is called the level of loyalty, commitment, and bond that a certain user maintains towards a brand.

Engagement in Marketing is measured by taking into account the emotional connection that users have with the brand, as well as the fact that they recommend and defend it before other users.

Engagement in social media
In social media, engagement is highly sought after by users. On social media platforms, which are used as communication channels with the user community, engagement refers to the levels of commitment, loyalty, and connection that users show towards a certain brand.

To achieve a high level of engagement, it is necessary to boost user participation by generating relevant content for the community of followers.

Engagement for a Marketing Strategy

Engagement, as we explained, is generated thanks to consumers' commitment to the brand through persistent and stable relationships. The better our relationship with the customer, the better we can get to know them and provide value that improves our positioning and perception as a brand.

Engagement is the reaction and response of customers towards what is presented by a company or with a brand. The initiative of the engagement or commitment can be either from the consumer or from the company, and the means of this can be online or offline.

To achieve this there must be direct communication with customers so that they are involved in the engagement process, empowering them to increase brand awareness and loyalty and gain popularity through word of mouth.
How do you get engagement in Referral Marketing?
Engagement measures the interactions between customers and the brand and the audience's reactions to products and services.

In a Referral Marketing strategy, which seeks to empower the customer to recommend the brand to their family and friends, this concept is essential.

How do we generate it in a Referral strategy?

  • Interacting with your consumers
Customer service is essential. It is very important that our clients feel cared for and understood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To bring a good user experience to our customers, we can make use of multiple resources that allow us to converse with them, read and respond to their criticisms and evaluations, resolve their doubts, etc.

  • Produce educational and quality content
Through educational and quality content that highlights the values of our offer, we can generate interest in our users and in this way manage to highlight our brand, increase the number of interactions and ultimately achieve a greater number of "engaged" users.

  • Empower the customer
Making the customer feel unique is essential for Referral Marketing. We must promote, that feeling of exclusivity is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools when it comes to generating engagement. Reward customer loyalty, offer exclusive content, etc., and always clarify the offers, gifts, and thank you systems for those most loyal customers.

  • Improve brand visibility
To generate engagement we must promote and work on the image of our brand. It is essential to know where the public is, and what they are looking for, and to adapt our image to these conditions.

  • Generate Participation
Encouraging customer participation, through social networks, blogs, apps, or communities, makes the user feel that he is part of a group and develops a greater sense of belonging.

In addition, we must give the client participation through the characteristics of the product or any extra service that the company can provide, so that they feel valued and remain faithful to our brand.