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What CRM To Use To Optimize A Digital Marketing Strategy? Typologies And Characteristics

CRM or Customer Relationship Management represents an interaction platform and is a computer solution to establish close business-client links.

CRM can be viewed in two ways:

  • Strategy.
A Marketing plan that puts current and potential customers at the center of its strategy and directs its actions to constantly improve customer service.

  • Process.
A CRM software system to more efficiently manage user relationships with the company.

CRM is also an administration tool that facilitates the management of relationships with clients, prospects, suppliers, and partners linked to a company.

Through its use, we can create databases and organize the channels to interact with the audience such as emails, messages, appointments, social networks, meetings…

Types of CRMs

There is a wide variety of types of management software for companies, but they are usually divided according to 3 essential concepts:

Operational CRM Software
Intended for customer-facing interaction.

This system is used to automate the processes of aspects such as sales, marketing, and customer service. It is also used for administration, accounting, and finance operations.

This type of Software favors interaction with potential customers and leads to stronger loyalty.

For Referral Marketing, operational CRM Software helps organize the information collected to optimize customer service and audience retention processes, making it an excellent automation option.
Analytical CRM Software
Analytical software is fundamentally based on the management and analysis of metrics.

This includes creating patterns, trends and strategies for decision making regarding Digital Marketing.

The Analytics drives data for segmented initiatives because by evaluating consumer behaviors and trends, a more effective customer service strategy can be drawn up.

The Analytical software is also a good option to draw up a Referral strategy because the analysis of numerical data will allow us to establish plans based on the goal of gaining clients and promoters.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a back-office tool that prioritizes internal processes.

It is a centralized database that increases the efficiency of processes in areas such as production, stock management, payroll, accounting, finance, among others.