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What Are Affiliate Networks? Benefits That Bring To Companies And Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular business trends of the moment, due to the benefits it brings to everyone involved.

It consists of offering a commission to the affiliate or advocate, for each conversion or derived sale.

In this case, the payment is made only for the achievement of an objective, say a sale or a subscription. Affiliates are responsible for promoting a company's products or services by posting ads or articles on their websites, email marketing campaigns, and social media.

These actions have the objective of carrying out conversions and obtaining a reward in exchange for each one, which can be fixed, variable, or a percentage of the sale achieved.

What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks are intermediaries in the affiliate-company relationship since they put the participants in the strategies in contact and provide tools for measuring data and payments between them.

To find a good affiliate network, both companies and affiliates must take into account the niches or micro-niches in which they specialize, to promote their products or services on a specific topic, and obtain a high conversion rate.
Advantages, what does an affiliate network offer us?
One of the most effective methods to earn money in the digital world is an affiliate network. Especially bloggers and influencers, marketers or publishers, can earn a commission for promoting the company's product or service.

For entrepreneurs, affiliate networks provide specialized affiliates in their area, who can reach a large number of customers. This ensures them higher sales and a high ROI rate.

Today about 80% of organizations run affiliate programs and affiliate marketing spend in 2022 exceeds $8 million.

But, what advantages does an affiliate network bring?

Some tools offered by affiliate networks are:

  • Reports on the basic concepts and results of the strategy, the product, and the advertiser. Campaign monitoring.

  • Data and technology metrics in real-time to follow step by step the progress of the affiliate strategy

  • API to import data to reporting systems.

  • Tools to encourage affiliate communication with advertisers before promotions.

  • Generation of SEO-affiliate links

  • Link generator to link to specific pages

  • Creation of custom reports

  • Earnings Commission Potential
Most recognized affiliate networks
There are huge highly recognized affiliate networks worldwide, integrating millions of affiliates and companies. Let's look at some examples:

Awin is a platform that hosts more than 15 thousand different brands in all sectors, allowing companies to quickly find suitable affiliates with the help of sales regions and industry filters.

Awin makes it easy to track overall performance broken down by click, transaction, banner placement, and strategy name.

The giant Amazon, a well-known e-commerce platform, has developed Amazon Affiliates with no requirements to start.

It includes a great dashboard that offers valuable information and allows you to earn up to 12 percent in ad fees.

For over 17 years, Shareasale is one of the best-known networks in the affiliate marketing space. This network has numerous niches that affiliates can promote and earn a good amount of commission.

It has more than 40 categories and brands, including The NBA Store and Viator, and offers large, medium, and small that can be found through its search functions.

Clickbank is a network that sells digital products and provides an affiliate market specifically focused on e-commerce.

It reaches more than 190 countries, which is ideal for reaching new markets and growing the business. Affiliates can also earn commissions of up to 75%.

The popular affiliate network is home to big names like Barnes & Noble, GoPro, Verizon, and many more.

Users can filter the results by 7 days and 3 months as well as network earnings so that only the ones with great conversion rates and commission are shown to you.