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What Advantages Does Image Recognition Offer To Digital Marketing?

Image recognition is one of the technologies that has brought numerous benefits to industry sectors, achieving great results and increasing the productivity of companies.

Let us remember that this technology based on Artificial Intelligence implies:
  • to identify
  • classify
  • distinguish images to perform virtual actions, such as searching online or identifying products.

A very recent example is found in online search engines such as Google or Bing, in which we can load the desired image in the search field and all the related results will be displayed.

Another popular one is the Google Lens app for real-time image recognition searches, which can also take a photo on the spot or upload an existing image.

Benefits of image recognition in society

Image recognition, as we explained, implies the automation of tasks to facilitate numerous procedures.

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Image recognition is becoming more accurate, obtaining better results in repetitive tasks.

  • The accuracy of the information collected through image analysis allows companies to direct strategies, reduce costs, optimize resources and make better decisions.

  • Image recognition also makes it possible to predict future events thanks to the analysis of collected information.
Advantages of using image recognition in Marketing
Image recognition is essential for product identification and improving the customer experience.

Integrating with search engines facilitates the identification of products on the Internet, which directly influences the sales conversion rate.

For the customer, searching for products through image recognition brings numerous benefits such as speed, better shopping experiences, and greater assertiveness.

Image recognition allows you to conduct a more detailed investigation quickly and assertively, as the image shows exactly what you want.

For companies, the use of image recognition is essential to enhance purchase decisions.

With this type of search, the process becomes much faster and more efficient, since the user is usually going to complete the purchase, reducing the chances of reaching the competitor.
Image recognition tools for Digital Marketing
Not only the search engines like Google and Bing integrate image recognition options, but several digital tools include this technology to facilitate Digital Marketing.

Let's see some applications that promote the interpretation of the data that we can find in images:

1. Google Images

The Google search engine, as we explained, has a platform that identifies images similar to the one loaded in the search field, which improves the impact of brands.

2. IBM Image Recognizer

IBM's Visual Recognition is a search engine that uses artificial intelligence to generate image results and thus drive digital interaction.


LogoGrab is a logo search engine that helps identify the graphic code of a brand through related images. This gives companies the knowledge of how their commercial image is used in networks or other Internet sites.


Gum Gum is a search engine that indicates only relevant images for the niche of the brand's strategy, thereby managing to find digital elements alluding to its corporate image.

5. Brandwatch Image Insights

This platform gathers data on the impact that an image achieves in the digital field.