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Knowing Genius Referrals: We Promote Cybersecurity With Our Fraud Detection Module

Cybersecurity is one of the elements of Artificial Intelligence that companies should pay more attention to in these times

Protecting your customer data and information is extremely important and valued in today's marketing world.

But what is cybersecurity?

According to the world's leading cybersecurity solutions and services company, Karpesky, this concept should be applied in all digital domains, from business to mobile computing.

It includes technologies and practices to protect information and defend computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

It involves information technology security or electronic information security. It is a defense against targeted attackers or opportunistic malware.

Why is this technology so important?

Currently, the digital universe prevails in the area of business. Virtual procedures have become common in a world that faced a strong pandemic and had to change physical terms for digital ones to stay afloat.

Millions of users put their data in the hands of companies every day. And corporations must ensure their safety.

According to Karpesky, an affected application in a company could provide access to the data it is intended to protect. To maintain the integrity and privacy of the data, a Cybersecurity strategy is necessary, both in storage and in transit.

It is estimated that the annual global cost of cyber attacks will be more than 10 billion dollars by 2025 since it takes a company approximately 6 months to detect a security breach.

Protect our Marketing strategy and avoid fraud, vital issues

Computer security or cybersecurity is extremely important in a digital marketing strategy to keep the data that customers put in our hands safe and prevent information theft.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, today there are numerous strategies for the care of Marketing and eCommerce. We can protect vulnerabilities such as email, social media, content management systems, and automated software.

In addition, with privacy settings and other strategies, we prevent and detect digital fraud and scams.
Some of the protection techniques that we must take into account are:

  • Study and create passwords
Through passwords, we prevent a cybercriminal from accessing our accounts. We must create strong passwords for email, social networks, and other channels of our company. They are protected by passwords, and the more complicated they are, the more difficult it is for cyber attacks.

  • Use Antivirus and Firewall and update them frequently
It is recommended to use a quality antivirus and always update it.

  • Back up data
We must have this option that is the backup response to any cyber attack. It is recommended to make a full copy several times a year. But the most important information should have a copy that is updated weekly.

  • Investigate to avoid fraud and scams
Investigating collaborators and future contacts allow us to avoid cyberfraud and scams. Flashy and colorful advertisements, online dating, digital purchases, etc., are susceptible to fraud and cybercrime.
Knowing Genius Referrals: We protect your activity!
At Genius Referrals, we know that protecting data and ensuring activity is essential for the client.

Our Fraud Detection Module will help detect fraudulent activity and help prevent it.

Where can our Advocates activate the fraud rules?
  1. Click on the Preferences section located on the left-side navigation menu.
  2. Within preferences, you will find the Fraud Rules option in the list on the left.
  3. Once there, you just have to activate this option and the rules are displayed
What do we understand by digital fraud in Promoters and Referrals?
These are some of the most common varieties of fraudulent activity that our users can spot and report.

When activating the fraud rules, the list of the 7 rules that you can or cannot do according to your needs is displayed.

1- Self-references by email
This fraud occurs when a referral uses the same email address as the referral's advocate.

2- Self-references by Cookie
Cookies can be used to identify users throughout their browsing session. This fraud occurs when a referral uses the same browser cookie as the referring Advocate.

3- Self-reference by IP address
This fraud detection tool blocks a referral when the referral and the Advocate have the same IP address.

It is important to note that more than one person can share IP addresses at the same time. Multiple devices can have the same public IP address, family members in the same household, people surfing the web from the same coffee shop, and employees of the same company. They can all share the same IP address.

4- Duplicate references by email
This fraud occurs when there is already a referral created with the same email address.

5- Duplicate referrals by IP address
This fraud occurs when there is already a referral with the same IP address.

As we explained, it is important to keep in mind that more than one person can share IP addresses at the same time. Multiple devices can have the same public IP address.

6- Domains and IPs from the block list
The domain and IP block list can block referral records from specific domains or IP addresses. The user must enter a comma-separated list of domains/IP addresses or a range of them. You also have the option to add your domains and view the default blocked domains.

7- Fraudulent Referral Limit per Promoter
Limits the number of fraudulent referrals an Advocate can create before they are automatically suspended. A fraudulent referral is a referral that the system has flagged as fake.