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Marketing In Evolution. Trends That Transform The Current Strategy

Marketing has had to adapt to changes in society, technology, and the market.

According to experts, the evolution of Marketing and Advertising can be divided into three great economic waves: the first, the era of agriculture, the second, the industrial era, from the Industrial Revolution that took place in England and the rest of Europe; and the third, the Information Age.

It is said that we are currently immersed in a fourth wave, which encompasses global challenges and also innovation, culture, society, and the environment.

Marketing is today a fundamental axis of the economic growth of organizations and society in general. Based on marketing strategies, companies create value for customers and establish relationships with them.

Society of Information. Changes in the way of doing Marketing

Digital Marketing has been established as the driving model of all the efforts of today's society, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus and the quarantines adopted in most countries to contain the disease brought with them the change in the physical environment and its displacement to the digital world. Many of the procedures began to be carried out via cyberspace.

Thus, the world panorama has changed, making the market a field that goes beyond a geographical space.

Today, it is necessary to know how to use web platforms to advance in the competitive world of online marketing. In addition, it is essential to understand the logic of the new interaction processes and to maintain the constant study of all the tools and trends that impact and transform the marketing scenario.

Let's see some of the new communication tools that we must take into account when we talk about Digital Marketing transformations:

  • Neuromarketing

Perhaps we never thought that neuroscience could push Digital Marketing strategies to another level.

The analysis of human behavior at a cerebral and neuronal level through neuroscience allows us to incorporate knowledge about brain processes to improve the effectiveness of customer care and service actions.

This discipline has summoned scholars from other areas, who seek physical explanations about the reactions and behaviors of people in the face of sensory stimuli. This implies better elements and a large amount of data to drive a strategy.

  • Green Marketing

Of course, climate change is one of the main concerns of humanity today. And Digital Marketing cannot get away from that phenomenon.

Among the most important ramifications and trends, green marketing emerges, to promote the sense of preserving natural resources and promoting a social conscience that respects current needs.

It is imperative to achieve sustainable development through the balance between the needs of customers and the interest and well-being of society in general.

Green marketing also considers the defense of ecology and calls for reflection on how companies affect the ecosystem.

  • C.M.R.

The C.M.R. focuses on managing customer relationships. It is a way to create solid and lasting ties with users.

This kind of Marketing seeks customer satisfaction by increasing the company's profits and its objective is to capture, build loyalty and maintain relationships with both consumers and the company's other stakeholders, creating bonds of transparency and trust for mutual benefit.

  • Social Marketing

Society itself and all its struggles are made visible by Social Marketing, whose campaigns commit to making a donation or contribution to a specific cause.

Social Marketing is based on support for social causes and dissemination in segmented markets, seeking as a result, benefits for companies and the surrounding society.

Responsibilities, commitments, and cooperation to meet the needs of less favored social groups and achieve the welfare of the community, are the bases of this trend.