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Tools To Integrate And Automate In Our Digital Marketing Strategy

Integration is a very common practice, especially in the field of Marketing software development.

When a new program is made, developers need it to be able to be assembled and compiled with the company's existing software, joining all the code fragments to start the testing and deployment phases.

Currently, continuous integration tools are used to facilitate this work, which could take months. These digital programs usually provide a server for project compilation and version control.

Its benefits not only include work reduction, but also process optimization and cost reduction.
Some of the most popular integration tools are:

  • Jenkins: Open source software that works with various build tools and version control systems.

  • Travis CI: Its main quality is its compatibility with GitHub, which informs Travis of changes made to the code.

  • Bamboo: One of the most popular globally, the Bamboo server enables integration, deployment, and ongoing release management. It has a web interface and Java technology, guaranteeing process automation.

  • CruiseControl: This free software is based on Java and is compatible with any platform, which guarantees its popularity. It is characterized above all by a control panel through which developers can check the status of builds.

  • Codeship: Codeship is also quite famous for its simplicity. It is intended to offer an easy option for continuous integration based on container technology.

  • TeamCity: This software stands out for its interoperability with other tools. It is compatible with numerous programs and the spectrum can be extended using plugins.
Integrate a Digital Marketing Software
Integration in Marketing not only requires development tools and platforms but also important TIPS to achieve and optimize a strategy.

Integrating software or CRM Marketing in the company will always help to increase sales, since it is designed to facilitate the forms of interaction with customers, automate processes, and save time and resources.

However, we must keep some issues in mind when integrating them into the company's strategy.

Know the client and the potential client. The CRM will allow us to obtain a lot of data about what our customers want. But when integrating it, we must already know our ideal client to be able to offer quality service and retain it.

Identify the needs that the CRM must cover. From the simplest to the most complex, it is vital to draw up a plan with the needs that the software must meet to optimize the work and the final benefits.

Draw up an effective software automation plan. As always, one of the most important issues in Marketing is measurement. So for good strategy management, we must have objectives and establish measurable steps, in sync with the automation tool.

Optimize the sales process. We need to maintain a constant analysis of the data associated with the sales process and apply strategies to interpret it.