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Knowing Genius Referrals: The Best Strategy For B2B Partner Programs

B2B marketing (business to business) is one of the most popular current terms in Marketing.

It involves the sale of products and services between companies and not directly to the consumer, which differentiates it from B2C (business to consumer) marketing.

B2B  indicates those business models in which sales or services are made between one company or business and another. In other words, it is a company or organization that sells to other companies instead of direct consumers.

There are several differences in the strategy that prevails in this business model concerning marketing to the consumer. For example

  • The needs of companies are not the same as those of consumers, so we must consider within the strategy, specific factors such as profitability and productivity. The product or service we offer must allow the company or business to be more efficient.

  • We must transform the message for potential B2B customers or buyer persona. Let us remember that B2B clients constitute a much more segmented niche, frequently professionals from a certain sector, so we will not be able to use channels as general as social networks.

  • The purchase decision is a slower and more extensive process since it is usually analyzed by a department. Similarly, the purchase frequency in B2B tends to be lower, since it implies a longer decision-making process.

  • Although B2B Marketing is usually a method of exchange for the marketing of events such as fairs, seminars, or congresses, due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the digitalization of procedures, B2B marketing actions such as email marketing campaigns are currently used.

Creating a successful B2B Marketing strategy

To create a successful B2B Marketing strategy, we must know in what context we operate and what business audience we are targeting.

In addition, we must promote:

  • The image we transmit to partners, suppliers, consumers, and society in general.
  • Our online presence and reputation.
  • Analyze and specify the fundamentals of the business model, not only economic or profitable but also in terms of current values that benefit companies.

How can we create a striking and original strategy in B2B Marketing?

As we can see, doing B2B Marketing can be a complex process that requires in-depth analysis, optimization, and automation of processes, to reach more customers and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

These types of strategies require more specific tips to capture leads and generate conversions in a smaller niche.

Here are some things to consider:

  • The identity of the company
Companies usually look for products or services from other companies with which they feel identified or from which they have references. For this reason, it is vital to reinforce the corporate image, both online and offline, define the values that we want to transmit in a clear, concise way, and always clarify what we can contribute.

To reinforce this corporate image and generate references, we can organize and sponsor solidarity events, improve working conditions and communicate these actions in digital and traditional media.

  • Digital presence
Online presence is required in any type of marketing today. To achieve it, we must prioritize content marketing and inbound marketing strategies.

We must create educational content focused on our potential clients and place them on a quality website or blog.

Let's not neglect positioning on the internet, both naturally organic (SEO) and paid (SEM).

  • Automated email marketing
The automation of an email marketing campaign will improve the way of communication with users.

In this way, we will be able to properly segment the database and contacts and send personalized emails informing about offers, products, services, and other educational topics.

  • Social media marketing
Being present in networks for B2B requires clear and measurable objectives that help us make the business visible and encourage positive opinions and references, in addition to expanding brand awareness.

In social networks, we can define the values of the company and interact with customers, in addition to studying the public to improve dissemination and engagement.
Knowing Genius Referrals. We promote an automated B2B Marketing strategy!
At Genius Referrals we know that truly effective B2B marketing is hard to come by. Increasingly creative solutions, budget limits, and slow final purchasing decisions make strategy development a challenge.

But through a process of automation and personalized management, we make it easier and faster than ever to grow your B2B business. We provide an automated Referral system that offers rewards and high profits to its participants in a short time.

This allows us to empower customers and from this, drive sales more and more.
Our promoters have at their hands all the metrics to manage a successful Referral program. In addition, they can choose the type of rewards they prefer.

We take into account the needs, interests, and challenges of businesses, companies, and organizations to manage an efficient B2B strategy that always produces results.
B2B Partner Program at Genius Referrals
At Genius Referrals, we offer B2B Partner Program solutions so that our clients can build relationships with their partners and thus boost the promotion of their brand.

The Genius Referrals platform provides its partners with the best user experience:

  • Generate more sales with the help of share links, referrals, and statistics, which enable real-time program optimization.

  • Make your partner program part of your sales force

  • Our Referral Program Software makes it easy to get leads right into your customer relationship management center.

  • Reports, achievements, and success stories: in Genius you will know all the data about B2B Marketing to generate income or attract more customers.