Genius Referrals


There are four types of templates that you can choose from when using our Templates Builder. Select the one that best suits your needs.
Full Widget can be used to provide a full referral program for your advocates, with pages to manage everything they need including Overview, Access, Shares, Insights, and Payouts.
Full Widget
POS can be used on your Thank You page so your advocates can share their experiences after they have completed a purchase. This can be installed on your purchase confirmation or sign-up confirmation page or wherever you want to allow your advocates to have access to their referral tools.
POS (Point of Sale)
Link-sharing makes your social media icons available to your advocates. The icons can be placed anywhere on your website.
Personalize your Referral Tracking template to maximize new referrals. It essentially works as a lead landing page, with your referrals as the leads.

Referral Tracking