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See what's new in Genius Referrals and what we're constantly rolling out.

June 2022

New Genius Bluebird Post Purchase Template

This Post-Purchase template can be used on your Thank You page so your advocates can share their experiences after they've completed a purchase.

May 2022

Genius Bluebird Program Template
This template is easily customizable, fully responsive, and compatible with all current browsers and devices. Gives promoters full control over their account, so they can track their performance and focus on what's working.

February 2022

Program Tour Update
When you register on the Genius Referrals website (, we offer you a quick overview of the main functionalities of the program.
New Magpie Templates
We offer our users two new styles of Magpie templates whose functionalities are:
  • Genius Magpie Promoter Portal Template
  • Post Purchase Template Genius Magpie

January 2022

New templates Discount Code
The customer can choose between our Discount Code template designs:
  • Genius Green Discount Code
  • Genius Blue Discount Code
  • Genius Brown Discount Code

Dicember 2021

Editor Main Menu enhancements
In the main menu of the editor, the option to display the contents was enhanced, a description of each block and a filter were included to facilitate searches. New color themes for client templates have also been included.
A new version of Website Builder
The Website Builder has been visually enhanced, as it now displays the created templates in two different ways.
The new templates available are:
  • Advocate Portal, intended for advocates
  • Genius Starling Template, to facilitate the work of referrals

November 2021

To create a new Member...
How to create a New Member? (Advocate, Lead or Referral)
We just have to go to the "All Members" page located on the left side of the navigation menu and click on the "New Member" tab choosing the rating we want.
  • Create New Advocate
  • Create New Referral
  • Create New Lead

October 2021

We create new templates for referral tracking

September 2021

Meet Genius Startling. The New Advocate Portal Template
You can now use the Genius Startling Template to build your Advocate's Portal. This template works great on all devices, allow your advocates to quickly access your program and start sharing right away. Your advocates can also choose their favorite payout method and get paid automatically.
New Tiktok Widget
A new Tiktok widget is available on Share Messaging. Your advocates will now be able to share on Tiktok, track shares, clicks, and conversions.

New Instagram Widget
A new Instagram widget is available on Share Messaging. Your advocates will now be able to share on Instagram, track shares, clicks, and conversions.

August 2021

Updates to our Share Messaging Module
To provide a better user experience to our clients, we have fully redesigned Share Messaging. You can now activate and deactivate widgets, translate your widget's content to multiple languages and get better previews.

On the Twitter widget, you can now add card support to add your own title, description, and image.

Read more about the new look of Share Messaging.
New SMS Widget
A new SMS widget is now available on Share Messaging. You can now set up the default SMS message that your advocates will share with their friends and family.

July 2021

New Facebook Messenger Widget
A new Facebook Messenger widget is now available on Share Messaging. You can now set up the default message that your advocates will share with their friends and family. You can write up to 500 characters.

May 2021

Issue a Manual Bonus action now available on the Zapier App
Issue a Manual Bonus directly to any of your advocates using the Zapier app. The Add Manual Bonus action can be used went you want to reward your advocates directly for triggering a specific action like completing a sign-up process, share on social media, or another event.
Use Google fonts to build your referral program pages
You can now change the default font of the referral program pages and use Google fonts.

April 2021

Form Editor Just Got Better
Form Editor has been upgraded with new UI and fields to add to any form available on a template. To use it, just click on a form field and select the form editor icon. There are no limits on the number of fields you can add to your forms, and you can also reorder the fields.
Twitter messages with 280 characters
Anyone can now increase the twitter message to 280 characters.

March 2021

Use Merge Tags on the Referral Capture pages
You now can add the following merge tags to the Referrals Landing page.
  • {{advocate_firstname}}
  • {{advocate_lastname}}
  • {{advocate_full_name}}
  • {{advocate_email}}
To use them add the merge tags anywhere on the page.