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Sustainability Is One Of The Marketing Trends That Will Succeed In 2022!

The environment and the fight against climate change are included in the sustainable concept that is already a trend.

The world is increasingly concerned about climatic events and their impact on society, which is why the concept of sustainability is increasingly included in all aspects of development.

And marketing is no exception.

Advertising campaigns are increasingly committed to the environment and show how important it is for brands to protect it.
The so-called Sustainable marketing or green marketing implies:

The display of products and services with environmental value, less pollution in production processes, and reusable elements.

Today, everything revolves around the triple R of sustainability: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Environmental Value in Today's Marketing
Currently, many of the world's most recognized brands include a sustainable edge in their marketing and advertising strategy. This has increased after COVID-19, a pandemic that has marked the awareness of society in matters such as the environment, local development, and the reduction of consumerism.

The brands, therefore, have focused on showing an efficient manufacturing process, with the reuse of waste and pollution control.

Some Marketing actions that are promoted based on sustainability involve:

  • Promote responsible consumption against consumerism
Those products without "planned obsolescence" and that leave a reduced ecological footprint, are the ones that brands try to make visible.

Currently, customers look for reuse as one of the elements to choose a product. Therefore, it is necessary to spread the image of reusable and durable products and services.

  • Environmental certifications
If the products we offer is endorsed by labels or certifications based on their life cycle or a specific environmental aspect, we must highlight it in our Marketing strategy.

Showing the so-called green products in the digital world through effective communication can ensure a victory in our strategy.

  • Sustainable practices
Optimizing, creating strong relationships with clients, other businesses, and with projects that develop small businesses in the community, are practices that will ensure the sustainability of our strategy.

We can also print documents with ecologically friendly inks and on recycled paper, facilitate online communication and create online catalogs instead of using paper.

  • Support sustainable businesses and their products
With our marketing strategy, we can also support sustainable businesses. Let's spread what makes them different and propose to follow their example.