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Knowing Genius Referrals: Superior Service, Satisfied Customers

Referral marketing is currently the best friend of companies and customers.

And this is a phrase supported by many arguments.

As we know, this type of strategy includes the marketing of products or services. The business or brand offers compensation to promoters for providing contact details of other prospects who may be potential customers.

The reward or remuneration is delivered once the referral becomes a customer.

What type of reward or remuneration can be delivered?
The “rewards” for new customers are vastly different. They not only include payment in cash, but also rewards such as discounts, coupons, and promotions.

As we know, affiliates and referrals are terms that have become more relevant in recent times, thanks to these business strategies that allow you to increase your customer base without suffering the immense costs of promotions and advertising.

For this reason, the popularity of affiliate or referral marketing has spread to convert users of a product or service into brand affiliates. They recommend the product or services to other potential customers and achieve sales or subscriptions.

These types of items accumulate and the referrals or affiliates can get a reward for each successful sale. Thus they become promoters of their own business.

How does Referral Marketing work?

The operation of this strategy is extremely simple.

We can summarize it in three steps:
  1. A customer clicks on an affiliate link and is transferred to the company's main site
  2. The customer subscribes to the site, another type of subscription, or makes a certain purchase
  3. The affiliate receives a remuneration or reward when that transaction occurs
Why does Referral Marketing guarantee satisfied customers?
For the company, a referral program ensures that it does not incur promotional or sales force expenses. It only adds clients through the recommendations of its promoters to close contacts.

Even today there are companies whose strategy is based exclusively on this business model, due to the feasibility of increasing the customer base and increasing sales without exaggerated expenses.

According to statistics:

Search interest for “Affiliate Marketing” has increased more than 200 percent since 2015
85 percent of online shoppers seek information and recommendations from their contacts before making a purchase
Affiliate and referral programs are the primary customer acquisition channel for 40 percent of US businesses

A referral and affiliate marketing program helps a lot for small businesses and brands just starting on their business journey. But it is also a strategy used by large corporations worldwide such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Starbucks, Sephora, etc.

And the reason is that they should only take into account offering an attractive,  necessary, and original reward so that their clients or users are motivated to recommend their products and services.

They will add customers and the business will not have to invest. It is a highly feasible, accessible, and modern form of word-of-mouth promotion.
In addition, the referral strategy also includes a loyalty program to generate loyalty among users and not lose customers. Through referral marketing, businesses provide their promoters with tools that "empower" them to actively participate in the life of the company and learn its main qualities.
Focus on the customer
Referral programs focus on your customers.

Promoters get rewarded just for recommending products or services that they enjoy.
It is a highly feasible win-win relationship, as the company only needs to offer them incentives to express their opinions about what they like.

There are many ways to implement this strategy and many ways to incentivize loyal customers to recommend the offer.

The point is that creativity and originality are required, rather than funds, as customers seek rewards that are attractive and interesting to them.
Genius Referrals: Satisfied Customers
“I have used Genius Referrals to launch our referral program and was extremely pleased with the amount of work they did for us from the outset. They were always ready with an answer and went beyond their scope of the duty to assist with setting the program up. Quick, fast, and well worth it!!! Pros: Ability to customize your programs and the fact that your advocates can have their logins to track their progress topped with great customer support”.

The comment is on our home page (EN.GENIUSREFERRALS.COM), and comes from a small local business, Africa4us, whose goal is to provide guided tours of South Africa, an incomparable and environmentally friendly experience.

Thanks to the Genius Referrals referral program, Africa4us has grown in customers and sales, to the point of becoming an extremely popular travel business.

“If you want to make your customers promote your product or service and not just subscribe to some contest or sweepstakes then this is for you! Believe me when I say that I searched around the web to find the right solution and finally when I found this it did not let me down! First of all, it is so good that these guys let you have a longer than usual risk-free period to evaluate. Pricing itself is very affordable. These guys are sure that you stick with them and they are correct - you will. When it comes to customer service they will not let you down”.

This recommendation comes from Fab, an e-commerce company that has made its way globally.
How do we ensure program success and customer satisfaction?
At Genius Referrals “we make it easier and faster than ever to grow your business through referrals”, through 3 simple steps:

  1. Empower customers. They provide a better user experience
  2. More referrals. Interactions with the audience to spread the word. Tracking metrics and conversions
  3. Boost sales. Referred customers have higher value and higher retention rate
We guarantee customer satisfaction by giving you:
  • Peace of mind
  • Personalized service
  • Powerful tools
  • Save time and money
Believe me when I say that I searched around the web to find the right solution and finally when I found this it did not let me down! 
POSTED ON MAY 17, 2022