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Shoppable Media. Tips To Use These Tools And Promote Digital Marketing Strategies

Shoppable Media is a trend that transforms all aspects of digital marketing

The Adobe corporation decided to conduct a study with two groups of people to demonstrate the feasibility of Shoppable Media, a marketing technique that allows companies to present their offers at the time the user or customer wants to buy.

The first group of the study had to try to buy on a traditional website, with its texts and images, while the second used a shoppable website, from which they could directly access product information and add them to the shopping cart.

The results of the research showed that 77 percent of users in the second group made purchases on the shoppable website, 30 percent more than those who had to buy on the traditional website.
In addition, the second group specified that they could easily find enough information about the product to decide to buy, while those who browsed the traditional web had difficulty obtaining useful data.

The study concluded that shoppable media is a developing trend that has come to transform digital marketing and take sales processes to higher levels.

This type of content is present in numerous brands' webs and companies that have decided to adopt this new trend due to the good results it is showing.

Let's remember that there are several types of shoppable media, which we must consider before choosing the one that best suits our business.

But what exactly is Shoppable Media?

  • The click to buy button directs a consumer to buy a product, directly. The customer only has to click and add the product directly to the shopping cart, requesting the data to complete the process.

  • The click to shop button redirects to the selected product and gives the option to continue making more purchases before finishing.

  • Shoppable ads. An advertisement via Internet that allows you to go directly to the shopping cart.

  • Shoppable video. A video that tells a short story and that offers the option of acquiring the element that the protagonist is using, like clothes, food, ornaments, etc.
How can shoppable media improve a digital strategy?
Shoppable media is a trend that can create an eye-catching and highly creative journey to attract customers. Also, find the balance between:
buying opportunities
ease of transaction

These "frictionless" shopping experiences can raise the results of a Marketing campaign to high levels if we know what techniques to apply.

Here are some techniques and strategies to consider:

  • Customized Strategies
Inducing a custom Shoppable Media strategy is essential to win over the audience and drive up sales. Therefore, we must monitor the purchase process to know what attracts them and how to enhance it.

  • Reach the potential customer
Customers are different and have different ways of reacting to a new strategy. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves to know how to reach each of them at the appropriate time.

Shoppable can especially encourage passive and less determined consumers to learn about and consider purchasing.

  • Evaluate the user experience
Evaluating the user experience and interactions is an element to take into account when adapting a Shoppable Media strategy, to know how our customers react and thus be able to redirect marketing and sales actions.
Shoppable Media, advantages for all
Shoppable Media is an advantage for all companies because: simplifies the buying and selling process

It also represents a benefit for consumers, since they can directly purchase the product they selected at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the function, the moment the user sees an interesting product or service, he can immediately purchase it, increasing the sales of the business in question.