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Shoppable Media, The Trend That Comes To Optimize Digital Marketing

How many times have we discovered that dream garment in an online store and have wanted to try it and buy it at the same time?

Let's also remember those old TV commercials that offered products for users to purchase instantly, just with a phone call.

Well, Shoppable Media is a current term that comes to take these memories and wishes to a new level.

This concept adds technology and marketing, resulting in the optimization of sales strategies. It encompasses videos, images, and other media formats that are used to accelerate business transactions when a user selects an object that represents merchandise on display.

These elements can be a button on an image or video or a gadget and desktop, mobile and TV-based versions are available.

But what exactly is Shoppable Media?

Shoppable Media is a merchandising technique that allows brands to present their offers at the time the user or customer wants to buy, gaining support for the transparency, speed, and originality of the service.

These elements involve ads with a button that allows you to buy instantly or a code that takes you to an eCommerce site. They constitute multimedia content, which aims to encourage the consumer to buy through them, directly.

Why does it make a difference today? Because allows you to buy without leaving the platform you are visiting.

In other words, shoppable media is defined as any type of content that provides the consumer with tools to make an agile purchase decision.

Let's look at some examples of shoppable media:
  • Buyable ad: This allows the consumer to purchase within an ad. It offers a seamless shopping experience, allowing the product to be purchased without having to visit another website.
*The importance of distinguishing that shoppable media content can be buyable ads is highlighted, but not all buyable ads are shoppable media.

  • Click-to-buy. Another type of shoppable media includes ads with a button that allows you to immediately buy the product or access a retailer's website, where you can make the purchase.

  • Shoppable Commercials. Ads on streaming platforms that offer the ability to purchase without leaving the site.

  • Shoppable Video. Entertaining videos that allow you to click on the products they show to buy them

  • Snap-to-unlock. They include a QR code that can be scanned to access a site where the purchase is made.
How to use Shoppable Media to optimize the Digital Marketing strategy?
The first Shoppable Media began to be seen at the end of 2014, mainly in consumer brands such as Dyson, Gucci, and Puma.

Currently, this technology has advanced in its development, although studies indicate that it has not yet reached maturity.

However, many brands are already including this strategy in their sales system, to optimize Digital Marketing, as it represents a lot for customer service that can access the purchase of specific products with just one click.

There are already many of these images on social networks, which advertise a piece of clothing, for example, and say 'buy', on a small button that appears below.

Statistics indicate that more than 40 percent of marketers today use some form of shoppable media.

But how to use this trend to reinforce our strategies?
Making the most of these tools can bring numerous advantages to our Marketing and Sales campaign. For example:

Reach the consumer at the right time. According to research about this trend, the chances that consumers make the purchase in a shoppable media ad at the active moment of the purchase journey, are tripled.

Improve brand image. These elements not only drive specific actions such as instant purchases but also increase the popularity of the brand, increasing awareness of the company in question.

An uninterrupted experience. Shoppable media ads allow for organic interactions. Many users today say that Facebook is the social media that offers the best shopping experience through shoppable media.

High-level customer service. To the shoppable media are added loyalty strategies and rapid response technologies that allow customer service to be raised to incredible levels, thanks to the streamlining of the service.