Genius Referrals
Use the Referral Tracking template when you want to add referral capture on your website so your promoters can share and get referrals.


There are several advantages of use when selecting the Referral Tracking template for your referral program:
1. Easy configuration and customization through our Template Builder.
2. Easy to install on your website with our code snippets
    There are also disadvantages when using this type of template:
    1. Limited to the templates available in our Template Builder.
      Selecting your template in our Template Builder
      To select the template that best suits your needs, go to the Template Builder and click on the 'New' button and start creating your new template. The system will start a wizard to help you with this process, the total process consists of 4 steps.
      Make sure you have entered the Name, Description, and Widget Package (if you have not yet created a widget package, review this section) before selecting the template. Click on the 'Referral Capture' template and select the design that best suits your needs. Once you have selected the template, click on the 'Continue' button to go to the next section. The images below show the details.
      Setting additional options
      The additional configuration section is where you can define configurations related to the structure of the custom fields for the registration of referrals.
      Setting additional settings in your friend referral program
      Once you have finished with this section, click on the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.
      Customizing template content
      In step 3, you can update the template headers and the main contents. To help you personalize the contents of your referral page, we are loading the main content in a WYSIWYG type editor that you can use to update each section. You can add images, embed videos, delete or add texts, add JavaScripts and CSS, etc.
      Personalizar la pestaña sumario en su programa de recomendación de amigos
      The 'Regenerate this tab' action can be used to regenerate the tab in its original state.
      Once you have finished updating the tab click on the 'Save and Next' button to go to the next tab.
      Preview and publication
      The Preview and Publish tab allow you to see a preview of your referral capture. To make changes, scroll up and click the edit button in the section you want to update.
      View your template
      Once you are happy with all the changes, click on the 'Publish and Show Me Codes' button to get the code snippets and instructions necessary to upload the program to your website.
      Visualice los fragmentos de código para instalar su programa de referidos
      CargLoading the template on your website using our code snippets
      First, we will install the referral capture template on your website so that your promoters' referrals can access the program. To install the template on your website, create a new page for your new referrals and call it "New Referrals." Then install the following code snippet (CODE FRAGMENT 1) to load the template. Copy the code snippet and place it where you want your template to load in the HTML code of your New Referrals page.
      You can load the template on a regular page or in a pop-up.
      <span class="gr_referral_tracking_design" id="gr-referral-program-landing-page-608">&nbsp;</span>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
              "grTemplateSlug": "referral-program-landing-page-608",
              "grCustomerCurrencyCode": "USD"
      Once the code is placed in its place, refresh the page in your search engine (F5). If all goes well, your system should be able to load the template on your referral capture page.