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Knowing Genius Referrals: Referral Marketing Automation Processes

Marketing automation is the use of software to carry out marketing actions and optimize strategies so that we can measure all parameters.

Through marketing automation, a company can carry out processes that would naturally be difficult and achieve more efficiency and results thanks to permanent monitoring of them.

Advantages of marketing automation

  • It allows the development of complex marketing processes that, naturally, would be difficult or could not be done.
  • Maintains permanent monitoring of the metrics and measurement parameters of the strategies to respond to errors
  • It provides more efficiency and reduces costs and staff time.
  • Thanks to automation, customer data is thoroughly analyzed to generate the right content at the right time.

How to apply automation to digital marketing?

Specialized software will be able to carry out the various actions contemplated by the company to boost sales systematically, improving the processes and the effectiveness of each activity.

According to statistics, 74% of companies use Marketing Automation for their strategies and campaigns, as this powerful tool optimizes the time and improves results.

Marketing process automation is applied to strategies to achieve:

  • Product Engagement
To improve a company's commercial offering, we use automated processes to improve interactions.

For example, thanks to the automation of email marketing, we can publicize a product or service among the contacts in a database, or keep interested in them alive. Emailing campaigns are launched automatically to improve the relationship with the customer.

  • Instant interaction with users
Thanks to automation we can send automated notifications to users who have carried out a certain action. For example, it is possible to create a workflow that sends a notification by email, SMS, or Twitter (among others) to the person who has contacted the company.

  • Segmentation
Marketing automation can help segment a company's database contacts by establishing lists that group together users who have performed a specific action.

  • Creation of the database
With this process, it is possible to launch a line of actions to increase the records of the company's database.

  • Project the brand image on multiple channels
Through the automation of Marketing, we can market the brand image in real-time through each social media and communication medium, saving time and money.

Each campaign is managed in all media to gain greater visibility for your brand or product.

  • Constant monitoring
The constant measurement of what is happening with marketing activities is a facility that Automation offers us.

We can know the generation of leads and the interaction with each content, campaign, graphic piece, and landing page, among other resources that you use to attract them.

We can also obtain detailed statistics and graphs about audience interactions.
Knowing Genius Referrals. Automated software to boost your campaign
At Genius Referrals, we know that Referral Marketing is a strategy that requires a lot of automation and optimization of the digital universe since it is essential to maintain excellent interaction with the audience and take care of promotion on social media, and reminders via SMS and email.

We must also focus on customer service and not neglect the elements of rapid response to queries, opinions, and comments.

For this reason, our automated software uses automated digital marketing techniques such as:

- Creation of personalized content
- Automated platforms
- Email Marketing 
- Lead Nurturing 
- Social Media Marketing (planning, programming, and publication of content on social networks)
- Marketing Analytics

We know that with these techniques, we will be able to retain the public and turn them into our promoters. This way we will obtain referrals and contacts from our clients.

And not only that, through marketing automation we can generate more income and obtain a greater economic return on the investment made.
Genius: Automated programs for growth
At Genius Referrals we know that an automated affiliate and referral program can make a difference in sales, conversions, and business growth.

That is why our goal is to make "growing your business via referrals easier and faster than ever."

We provide an automated affiliate and referral software system that allows you to constantly analyze the metrics of your strategy, to avoid mistakes. Our programs offer rewards and high profits to their participants in a short time, which reach them automatically.

We rely on the empowerment of promoters, giving them all the tools to boost sales more and more.

Our automated software includes:

- Customer Referral Programs

- Affiliate Marketing Program

- High Growth Influencer Marketing Programs

- B2B Partner Program Solutions

- Referral programs for employees

Genius Referrals' automated software offer implies multiple benefits for companies, starting with significant savings in time and money since we manage everything for our clients.

On the main page of our website www, our clients can request their free demo and trial to understand a little more about the true advantages of our automated referral marketing programs.