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Ready For The 4th Of July? An Important Date In The Marketing Calendar

Why is the 4th of July so special in the Marketing Calendar?

The first economy in the world, the United States, celebrates the anniversary of its independence from the United Kingdom, an event as significant for nationalism as it is for marketing.

It is a day in which the feeling of belonging prevails in the country's society. History marks the day the 13 colonies seceded and were recognized by the British crown as a single free and independent nation.

How we celebrate the 4th of July?

As we can see, the 4th of July is the most important date for Americans and implies a day of high historical, social, but also economic, and publicity value.

Here are some facts that summarize the celebration of the 4th of July:

Every July 4th, the United States celebrates its national holiday with official acts, but also with multiple celebrations and shows. In politics, presidential candidates take advantage of the day to campaign.

The minority of Hispanic origin constitutes more than 50 million people in the United States, and they are the ones who celebrate the 4th of July the most.

The United States Census Bureau estimates that for the next few years the non-Hispanic white population will reach a maximum of 200 million people, by 2024. Latinos will then exceed 60 million and therefore, the inclusion of races and creeds will be more and more important in the celebrations of the 4th of July.

The 4th of July is a very important date for nationalism in the United States. Some of the cities that have the most representative celebrations are Washington DC, New York, and Los Angeles.
4th of July: increase sales
As we can see, the huge celebrations that take place throughout the country on the 4th of July are an excellent opportunity to launch promotions and motivate customers to promote our products and services.

American patriotism is the protagonist of the celebration. We're talking backyard barbecues, camping trips, parades across the country, games, and plenty of other family-friendly activities.

But also on that day, the leading role is played by the favorite activity of Americans: Shopping.

Everything from food, decorations, and flowers to traditional and patriotic attire is sold by the thousands on that day.

In addition, since the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping and e-commerce also play an important role in consumers' shopping habits on July 4th.
What Marketing Trends Highlight the 4th of July?
All current marketing trends set their sights on the 4th of July.

Consumers want to make improvements to their homes and dedicate that day to leisure time, so it is a good moment to show them in great detail everything that our company offers.

Some of the best strategies for this are:

  • Video marketing
Video marketing involves the use of video to promote a product or service within a marketing strategy.

Video allows us to present the business in a memorable way to our consumers, and it is the most consumed type of content on social channels.

The types of videos we use to promote businesses include:

- Corporate video
This is a type of video that shows the company's vision, mission, or high-level products and services.

- Promotional video
A type of video to show offers or a special discount for this 4th of July. This is a format that triumphs on Facebook or Google.

  • Online sales
After the Covid 19 pandemic, we have witnessed accelerated growth in e-commerce, which has changed the relationship between brands and their users.

The Internet for Americans is one of the main shopping channels. Therefore, the strategies of the brands on the 4th of July must also be transferred to the virtual world.

  • Mobile advertising
Mobile advertising includes advertising strategies through the mobile phone and is based on interactive communication with customers.

Mobile advertising is very important to facilitate online shopping. Therefore, we must strengthen the content that we share on social media, the links that lead directly to the digital store, and, above all, the recommendations of other clients.

  • Word of mouth marketing
The 4th of July is a great day to gain new customers. Therefore, we must focus on our audience loyalty strategy to obtain recommendations and increase our customer base.
POSTED ON MAY 30, 2022