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Personal Marketing, An Evolving Trend

Adaptations and novelties

The changes in the markets, as a result of rapid global industrial growth and the evolution of advertising trends, put on the table the concern of companies about how to create strategies that allow them to reach different audiences and make their subscribers not only customers but promoters of the brand.

Current Marketing strategies should seek to satisfy different tastes, desires, needs and offer unique proposals with added value that is increasingly appreciated by users.

Marketing evolves along with society and becomes more complex, embellishes and enhances itself with new contributions from technology, computerization, communication... in short, from people.

Self-based strategy

Personal Marketing is one of the most popular trends of the moment.

It is not about selling ourselves, but about managing what they feel and see in us, those around us. The concept that defines it indicates:

It refers to the exaltation of the qualities and skills that an individual intends to communicate to the public, becoming a communication strategy based on oneself.

Personal marketing refers to our brand in the sense of ownership. This brand covers all spaces and areas of our lives:

  • Personal
  • Family
  • Professional
  • Labor
  • Social
  • Business
Taking care of the image and projecting understanding and decision is essential in this type of Marketing, as this provides advantages when negotiating and getting customers to prefer us over the competition.

This trend also allows us to communicate a strong brand image and has evolved rapidly, since it not only applies advertising to products, services or companies, it is also seen in human talent.
Priority: study customers
Through Personal Marketing we establish as a priority task:

“Study the needs, desires, and expectations of target markets to satisfy them more efficiently than the competition, but also in a way that maintains or improves personal and social well-being”

Personal branding today offers to adapt these promotional styles to apply them according to personal and professional requirements.

The objective of this trend includes improving the skills and abilities of human resources by showing the aspects that make a difference as a person, adding value as a member of the organization.

Why do Personal Marketing?


  • expands our reputation and professional image
  • refers our strengths to the competition
  • help us when we look for a job