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Natural Language Processing. How Can It Influence A Digital Marketing Strategy?

About 80 percent of the data that accumulates in the world is in text format, and for this reason, the so-called Natural Language Processing (NLP) is of immense importance in the business field.

So what is Natural Language Processing?
Artificial intelligence and its constant evolution come to facilitate numerous elements of daily life. An example of this is linked to linguistics, through the use of the NLP in practice.

This technology involves pattern recognition and interpretation of text strings to effectively analyze large volumes of data.

Systems based on NLP are responsible for elements of our routine, whose dimensions we sometimes do not recognize.

An example is:
  1. Google's search engine
  2. Amazon's voice assistant: Alexa
  3. The Spotify Recommendation System

A NLP must interpret by simulating the human ability to understand words:
- Thinking
- Feelings
- Language
- Behavior

We are clear that while language is governed by grammar, context is also needed to determine intent, emphasis, and understanding.

The analysis of this set of elements through artificial intelligence is what the NLP is trying to achieve.

And more and more companies are taking advantage of Natural Language Processing in different ways, always in the interest of revolutionizing their strategies and exploring their creativity.
Extensive data analytics can help brands and businesses better engage with consumers and transform the customer experience.

Natural Language Processing Techniques to revolutionize Digital Marketing

Improving the customer experience is a contribution of the Natural Language Processing that we already advanced.

But, how does the NLP act in this field?

- Efficient chatbots for customer service. These computational elements can answer questions from customers 24 hours a day and redirect them to the service department, achieving user satisfaction through their quick recommendations.

- Analysis of emotion metrics. The use of NLP in social networks allows knowing what feelings our brand produces and also improves the processing of voice searches.

- Interactions with the client at a more advanced level. The analysis of the language allows us to redirect strategies to please our clients.

But not only can NLP help us improve the customer experience, but also OPTIMIZE our Digital Marketing strategies and save time. Example of it:

-Recover information. The NLP identifies any type of information that we are looking for in a large amount of text.

- Language translations. With voice or text, the NLP translates using computational linguistics. This is a process still in development that improves every day.

- Summary of texts. The NLP can summarize a long document using its key phrases.

- Detection of spam in email. Keywords allow an email system to classify certain messages as spam.

- Search results. Natural Language Processing has allowed search engines a better understanding of language and context and how the two are related.

In addition, search engines better understand the intent of queries and can transform words when a person misses a letter or misspelling to provide you with the correct search.
Improve marketing strategy
As we can see, thanks to Natural Language Processing we can improve our Digital Marketing strategy and even boost various spheres to a higher level of effectiveness.

For example:

Optimize SEO. Search engine optimization is powered by analyzing the terms that best relate to our business or brand. The NLP helps us with this, giving us tools to precise search for the best keywords.

Relevant content. The NLP contributes to the edition of newsletters or the personalization of content, measuring feelings, emotions, and language.

Bot creation and training. The aforementioned chatbot improves customer interactions and experience through communication. This way we can achieve more sales, and reduce the flow of inquiries and follow up.
POSTED ON MAY 18, 2022