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Knowing Genius Referrals: Multiple Distribution Channels For The Promoter Strategy

Referral marketing is one of the most valued trends at this stage

Obtaining clients and benefits without facing huge advertising expenses is an extremely effective alternative for business growth, especially for those who are just starting.

Through the application of a referral program, we can transform the company's users into brand affiliates. They recommend our product or services to other potential customers and achieve sales or subscriptions. After this process, they obtain a remuneration or reward.

These loyal customers become promoters of our business and work to obtain recommendations for our company.

Thus, through an automated program, they share affiliate links through various distribution channels.

When a customer clicks on an affiliate link, they are taken to the company's main site
If that customer subscribes to the site or makes a certain purchase, the affiliate receives a payment or reward when that transaction occurs.

Referral Marketing, choosing the distribution channel

Managing a referral program seems simple.

And, certainly, it is a strategy designed to optimize the digital marketing strategies of companies and save time and funds.

But as digital marketing is constantly evolving, we must know how to organize an effective Referral strategy that increases our customer base and drives sales.

Above all, we must attend to the platforms and distribution channels that allow us to strengthen our referral program.

How do you know which marketing channels are the right ones to share content and get a high return on investment (ROI)?

The performance of distribution channels is linked to various potential factors. It is necessary to choose the right channel for the company by evaluating the circumstances surrounding the referral strategy.

Let us know that today, innovations in information and communication technology and changes in the marketing scenario cause customers to be increasingly demanding.

Therefore, it is important for each brand, company, or business that incorporates a referral program to choose effective distribution channels to reach consumers, attending to the different phases of customer needs and outlining competitive advantages.

Let's look at 4 of the most effective distribution channels for referral marketing today:
A website can be considered a marketing channel since potential customers will be directed to it when they press the link of our affiliates and are interested in learning more about our products and services.

Therefore, our main page should be the face of the brand, properly optimized, with our products and services in the best possible way.

Social media represent one of the most important distribution channels for the effectiveness of a referral program.

Through them, we connect and interact with customers and get their recommendations. Also on that platform, we provide them with educational content and tools that allow them to form a community that actively participates in the company's decisions.

Social media likewise allows potential customers to get to know us and reach those links that will redirect them to our website.

Therefore, we must choose the platforms that most benefit our referral strategy and enhance the content we share on them.

Email marketing is also very important as a fast and immediate response information distribution channel.

If we use segmentation practices so that emails are personalized, we will increase the chances of reaching those potential customers.

The email should have a catchy and short subject line. It should also be easy to read and carry a direct and effective message.

Word of mouth marketing is the basic distribution channel in a referral program. The recommendations of users to their close contacts will allow us to obtain more and more clients.

To improve this distribution channel, we must offer customers a suitable reward and thus obtain their recommendations.
Knowing Genius Referrals, choose the best distribution channel
Distribution channels play an important role in the organization and effectiveness of the company's referral program because through them we share the content and information that leads to an increase in the customer base.

At Genius Referrals, we understand the importance of distribution channels and put together an automated referral program with multiple options for promoters to choose the best way to share information.

And it is that "Empower promoters" is the central objective of the Genius Referrals Referral Program, giving our affiliates total control of the processes.

Our multiple templates make it easy for the promoter to choose the most feasible channel to share content and get referrals. You will then choose your reward in the way you see fit.
These are our distribution channel options for promoters:
  • Share a custom link
Each promoter has a personal link that they share with their contacts. When a user clicks, they will be taken to the main page to register.

  • To send e-mails
Promoters send e-mails to their contacts with the subscription link.

  • Social sharing icons
The promoter shares his link on social media, which takes his contacts to the subscription page.
These are the social networks where you can share:


  • Share a personal coupon
The promoter shares a personal coupon that their contacts use to make a purchase.

  • Send a direct reference
The promoter sends a direct referral and their contacts receive the call from the sales team. The contact then registers on the page or makes a purchase.

  • Use a personal QR Code
The promoter shares a personal QR Code that their contacts scan and redirect them to the subscription page.
POSTED ON MAY 24, 2022