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Marketing Megatrends That Guide Strategies This 2022

The acceleration of society is a fact.

And along with technological development, all social spheres change, in a rapid vortex of progress and growth.

According to studies, the arrival of new technologies on the scene has made the market an element that goes beyond geographic space, entering cyberspace to give rise to new commercial confrontations.

In the last 20 years, digital marketing has been transformed and has reached levels of development never imagined thanks to the technological and digital advances that we have experienced in recent years.

The emergence of social networks such as Facebook in 2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006, opened a new path for marketing and advertising, giving space for the first time to company-client interaction.

In addition, cell phones became common devices of daily life and integrated new aspects into marketing.

Market Scholars also indicate that after the COVID 19 pandemic, we entered a new era of marketing, focused on values. Brands have stopped considering their users as simple buyers, to see them as "people", in the full extension of the word, and customers who demand and demand answers to social problems, creativity, originality, and benefit.

Also, the digital space has gained in users and popularity, since many efforts had to go to digitization.

Automation and artificial intelligence techniques have come to the world of digital marketing to transform and facilitate it, making it increasingly strategic.

Statistics that define trends

As we can see, the change in habits and preferences and the immense technological acceleration experienced in recent times have opened up new opportunities and directed digital marketing trends, which we must take into account to propose new strategies and prepare for the future.

Here are some statistics to consider:

  • In 2021, sales through e-commerce reached 4.5 billion USD and more than half of all buyers made it through mobile devices.

  • In the last two years, online searches on cell phones have increased by more than 200 percent, reaching half of the world's web traffic.

  • Video has become the most popular format in digital marketing, dethroning blog articles and infographics.

  • Today, more than 70 percent of marketers invest in a content strategy.

Regarding social networks:
- Facebook reaches around 2.6 billion active users each month, it is the main content distribution channel for marketing professionals
- Instagram is the social channel with the second-highest ROI for marketers. In the United States, the network has reached more than 120 million active users.
- LinkedIn exceeded 160 million users in the United States in 2020. Almost 70 percent of marketing professionals include this network in their strategy.
- On Twitter, the number of active users per day exceeds 166 million, it is one of the three social media most used by marketers.

By 2023, the number of users using social media in the world is expected to reach 3.43 billion.

Megatrends and changes in marketing today

Taking the above statistics as a starting point, we share 5 of the megatrends that will be guiding digital marketing this 2022:
1-The metaverse and the transformation of the virtual world
Virtual experiences continue to grow and to this is added the creation of the Facebook metaverse, which has prompted brands to create virtual stores in which users can try on clothes and customize products to their liking.

Technology will continue to transform the virtual world through augmented reality and virtual reality, in addition to the speed of 5G.

And marketers should be prepared to transform their strategies and adapt them to these new trends.
2- Evolution of social networks as interactive spaces
The company-client interaction has been growing along with social networks. The possibility that customers can communicate with brands, investigate more about products or services and even buy directly, revolutionizes the way of doing marketing.

In addition, the figure of the influencer gains popularity as a representative of strategies and creator of content to connect brands with their potential customers.

Video remains king on these platforms as an expression of innovative, original, and highly effective content.
3- Growth of online sales
After the Covid 19 pandemic, we have witnessed accelerated growth in e-commerce, which has changed the relationship between brands and their users.

In Spain, the Internet has become the principal purchase channel. Therefore, brand strategies have had to adapt and move to the virtual world.
4- Marketing strategies with inclusive and social response
The social megatrend is all about interconnectivity.

Connected consumers form digital communities that have become an active means of communication. Companies no longer control the dialogues between customers in connected communities, and they only have to extract all possible information from them, to direct their strategies.

Within the communities, the previously rejected and remote sectors have found their place, to also express tastes, needs, and preferences.
5- Storytelling, the user experience
Narrating stories is a megatrend that returns to the use of storytelling in all formats: stories, novels, poems, songs, movies, and even marketing strategies.

Storytelling weaves stories that include experiences that directly connect with people's feelings and emotions so that brands can interact with prospects and potential customers.