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Marketing-Artificial Intelligence Relationship And How It Transforms Current Strategies

Artificial Intelligence has a close relationship with Marketing today.

Although it may be difficult for us to unify both concepts, the fact is that today, many marketing strategies require the touch of technology.

First of all, we must understand that artificial intelligence is not a science fiction term, but rather a union of technological systems that can perform tasks that require human intelligence.

Thus, this technological phenomenon is based on:

problem-solving, emotion recognition, and blockage diagnosis.

It is applied in this way to the usual business tasks and this saves a lot of time and money.

How is Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing?

We already talked a lot about the concept of automation and software development in Marketing.

Well, that is one of the current trends that takes advantage of artificial intelligence technologies to optimize Marketing management.

Artificial intelligence allows data and information about customers to be collected to drive automated actions, aimed at pleasing the potential customer through increasingly successful strategies.

To analyze the target audience, automated techniques are used such as:
The objective of the automation of Marketing techniques is to increase the return on investment (ROI) of the strategies and promote higher sales.
Some of the most feasible automated processes today include:

  • Content generation
Through artificial intelligence, we can define the content that the target audience prefers and the most efficient platforms to share it, creating a strategy with adequate, interesting, and striking information.

Automation helps us manage the content of emails, personalized messages, and everything that is shared on social media.

  • Chatbot
Although you may not hear them mentioned, most people know about them.

Chatbots are present on many websites to answer frequently asked questions from customers and generally improve the browsing experience.

  • Big data
Big Data or automated data analysis can provide companies with data and information about their customers to even predict their future behavior, needs, tastes, and purchases.

The projection of demand is one of the data that can help increase the number of sales.