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Marketing And Local Development: Two Concepts That Come Together For The Future

Local development is seen as one of the most important concepts currently

The growth of communities and small businesses and their self-management is a highly relevant element to achieving a sustainable future.

Local development is based on the identification and use of resources and the potential of a community to transform the economy of that territory to overcome challenges and improve the population's condition.

For this, the efficient and sustainable use of existing resources is essential, through the promotion of local business entrepreneurship and the creation of an innovative environment.

But… how can marketing contribute to local development?

For a few years now, a marketing trend has prevailed at a more basic, more localized, and economic level, whose objective is the growth of small enterprises and businesses.

This phenomenon is known as local digital marketing or micromarketing.

The objective is to give visibility to small businesses and promote their recognition.

Even large advertising platforms such as Facebook or Google have given great relevance to micromarketing, with ad campaigns adjusted to different scopes, budgets, and possibilities.

Let's remember that small businesses, SMEs, and local businesses, have a huge impact on boosting the national economy and increasing employment rates. In addition, they represent a form of sustainable development, side by side with good resource management and environmental care.

How does the union of marketing and local development work?

To carry out a micromarketing strategy, we must consider many details to increase the customer base and boost sales.

It is necessary to maximize creativity and originality in our marketing strategy, to enhance visibility and make a difference, all without facing huge promotion costs.

Let's see some strategies that small businesses should take into consideration, to promote a correct marketing campaign:

  • Optimize marketing strategy
Succeeding in the local business market requires proper search engine optimization (SEO), to create a brand image that makes a difference.

Applications such as Google My Business or Google Maps are also required to give customers all the necessary data so that they can easily contact our business.

  • Prioritize the website, modernize it and start a blog
Modernizing the website and starting a blog that spreads quality content related to the business is always a good way to attract customers. It is usually recommended to use WordPress as a platform, as it is flexible, easy to use, and contains themes and plugins for all niches.

  • Innovate and create digital marketing
Digital marketing is essential for the expansion of small businesses. Thus, we can find more and more market niches. To drive innovative actions in digital strategy, we can create apps with coupons, business news, and more.

We can also reward customers and create an email marketing program to thank them for their trust. Holding a contest or running surveys on social media can also help attract customers.
Referral Marketing to boost local development
One of the most popular current marketing strategies, Referral Marketing, is an excellent option to achieve the growth of a local business, through close contacts and without the risk of huge unnecessary expenses.

A referral program will allow, in a short time, to expand the client base, through the recommendations of contacts and “word of mouth” techniques.

For small businesses, Referral Marketing will be the best technique to boost visibility, customers, and sales; all this in a limited period.

Let's see how Referral Marketing drives small business strategy:

  • Local associations with influencers
Collaboration with influencers and important figures in the community are ways to get immediate recommendations. In addition, they will show the customer that the company is community-focused and trustworthy.

  • Local benefit and appreciation events to build audience loyalty
Nothing to achieve the loyalty of the public than to thank customers and take advantage of the recognition of the community.
Through these actions, we will also obtain the promotion of our users with their contacts.
Thus, we can organize an appreciation event or a volunteer day to help the community and at the same time promote the business and find new clients.

  • Do not neglect the newsletter and email, SMS, and social media strategies
Keeping customers updated is also a loyalty tool. Regular communication allows us to gain valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.

We must manage a newsletter and create email, SMS, and social media strategies that maintain a constant connection with our customers.

  • Incentivize loyal customers with a rewards program
Rewards programs are essential in Referral Marketing and are an excellent option for many small and local businesses to build good connections with customers.

We must offer rewards that customers value, always taking into account our budget. The best thing for this is to display creativity and deliver prizes that show our services and products.

  • Boost customer service
For a local business, it is essential to retain the public through a correct customer service culture, thanking them, listening to their ideas, and analyzing their tastes and needs, to promote strategies that please them.