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Internet Of Things: The Trend That Revolutionizes The Way Of Doing Marketing

We often name them. Alexa, turn off the light! Siri, tell me a joke! These are common exclamations in many homes today.

And yes, that is the Internet of Things, a technological system that allows objects to connect to the Internet and also interact with each other.

Although it seems simple and common, the Internet of things is a megatrend of artificial intelligence that includes cyber-physical systems, embedded computing, and other techniques, which use the Internet infrastructure.

It is a new technology that connects almost everything we do and facilitates an interconnected ecosystem of devices and machines, allowing us to control them from anywhere.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term used for the interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet or with each other. We are talking about smartphones, cars, TVs, watches, home appliances, and much more.

How does the Internet of Things (IoT) works?

With 60% of the world's population connected to the Internet, it is rare to find people who do not have at least one smartphone or the Internet at home.

Internet of things has come to promote this interconnection network between the different computers in the world to allow the greater exchange of data between them.

Thus, objects can detect patterns, make recommendations, improve efficiency and create user experiences.

Usually, technological objects and assistants can:
  • Control lighting
  • Turn on the air conditioner
  • Choose TV schedule
  • Auto-clean
IoT devices connect through a process called M2M (machine to machine) and communicate with each other using any type of connectivity (cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.)

This connection allows them to do certain work without the need for a human to intervene, only with specific sensors and chips that are arranged in the devices such as an ambient light sensor, gyroscope, etc.

The devices can even conclude the user's habits and preferences, to make life easier.
Today there is a huge number of connected objects that are part of the Internet of things. For example:

  • Autonomous vehicles: Cars that drive themselves without the user having to do more than tell them where they want to go, with a touch screen and a huge number of sensors that make life easier for the user.

  • Vacuum robots: Those robots can clean the floor of the house without colliding with anything and dodging obstacles through sensors.

  • Smart home: “Smart” devices for homes include presence sensors that automatically turn on lights, temperature or humidity sensors that activate heaters or air conditioners, garden sensors that allow plants to be monitored from a mobile application, and even assistants personal like Alexa and Siri.

  • Garageio: Garageio is a smart garage door app that allows you to monitor and control your garage from home by connecting to the app.

  • Wearables for dogs: These devices allow owners to monitor their dogs and ensure their safety. They can even track lost dogs in the area where their owner is.
How does this technology transform business work?
This technology has been transforming all spheres of society, beginning with the very way in which people live and work.

Now, everything is simpler and more agile.

The Internet of things contains a variety of benefits and opportunities not only for people but for business development itself.

One of the essential advantages is that it improves the productivity and profitability of work through technological solutions.

Let's see other benefits of the Internet of Things for companies:

Ease of access to information
Internet of Things allows devices to receive constant information, which facilitates business management such as data analysis, automation, and process optimization.

Efficiency and productivity
This growing network of physical objects that are connected to the Internet can help manage time, energy, resources, goods, services, and much more.

With this technology used in companies, it is possible to know, in a simple way, if one of the devices needs to be fixed or changed. This allows you to plan and save time and resources.