Genius Referrals
If you are in this section, we are assuming at this point that you have already personalized a referral template for your referral program on our Template Builder. If you haven't done this yet, please go to our Template Builder and customize your referral template before continuing with this tutorial.


This tutorial is for merchants with a Shopify online store. If you want to install a referral program on your Shopify, please continue reading. Otherwise, go to our integration section and find the guide that best fits your needs.
Who should read this tutorial?
App 360° Referral program Suite
On Shopify's apps store you can find the app 360 ° Referral program Suite.

Installing and Configuring
1 I When selecting the "Add app " option. An interface will be shown so you can insert the URL of your store and access it to continue with the installation progress.
Login store
2 I When you access your store you will be shown the installation option.
Select install app
3 I By clicking on the "Install app" option, a form will be displayed to create your genius referrals account.
Insert your data
3.1 I Insert your email and password to access your new referral program. If you already have an account in Genius Referrals when you insert the email it will be identified and you can specify if you want to continue with that account or insert a new one.
Use the existing account or create an account using a new email
4 I Select the option "Ok let's move on!", then select the payout method and specify how much you want your advocates to get per referral.
Incentive would you like to give to the advocate
5 I We continue with the selection of the referral program template.
Choose a template for your referral program
6 I The next step is the construction of the profile, program, and integration this process takes a few seconds.
Creating your referral program
7 I Once the process is completed, a new interface will appear that will serve as a guide to review your referral program, the integration, and all the necessary content to make your program works as expected. Take a moment to review your incentive model, the look and feel of your template and integration option which will give you full control over your new referral program.
Program referral has been successfully installed
Details of the integration
To see the integration's options you can access the Integrations section in the main menu.
Your integrations
Clicking on the Shopify integration will show the details of the integration. You can edit all available options and disconnect the integration if you wish.
Shopify integartion
Edit integration with Shopify
To facilitate and order the all available options we have 4 sections that we detail below:
In this section, you can select the referral program template, the payout method, the payout options where you can set the limits and the frequency of how you want payouts to your advocates to be processed. You also have the option to modify the message that advocates receive when they receive a discount code.
Configuration General
Qualifying products
From this section, you can specify the criteria to be taken into account when processing orders to calculate the value of the bonus that will be granted to your advocates.
Configuration Qualifying products
Price rules

Here you can specify the rules that will be taken into account when generating discount codes to payout your advocates. This section works in a similar way to the rules that you can specify in Shopify when creating a new discount code.
Configuration Price rules
Personal discount code
In this section, you can set up the discount code rules that we will use to generate your advocate's personal discount codes. Each of your advocates will have its personal discount code that he can share with his friends and family members. Friends and family members can then apply the discount code on the checkout page.

If you activate the advocate's personal discount code, the necessary configuration options are displayed so that they can be used.

You can define what is the minimum purchase required to apply the discount code. The discount type that can be fixed or percentage, in addition to establishing the value of the discount.

Also, you have the option to specify to whom the code applies, the usage limits and the time during which it will be available.

Finally, you can configure the content that is displayed in the message that appears in the store with the personal discount code of its promoters to be shared with their references.

Configuration Personal discount code
Linking your referral program

The next step is to add the navigation link to your main menu or footer to link to the referral program page. Follow the instructions on this page. If everything goes well, you should be able to load the referral program on this new page.
The referral program is embedded on shopify e-commerce store
Congratulations! You've completed the first part of this tutorial.
Testing the Referral Program Integration

How do I know if the whole thing is working as expected? To make sure that everything is working okay we are going to run the following scenario:
Scenario: Recommending new prospects to a Shopify Store

In this scenario, we are assuming the following:

  1. You have a Shopify store that sells t-shirts online.
  2. You have implemented a referral program with Genius Referrals to allow your customers and visitors to refer your products to friends, family, colleagues, etc.
  3. On your referral campaign, you are giving $10 to your customers for every qualified referral. A qualified referral is a referral that completes a purchase.
  4. John Smith is one of your best customers that loves your products and is happy to share your services with his friends, family, colleagues, etc. This is his personal data:
    1. Name: John
    2. Last name: Smith
    3. Email:
  5. John refers his friend Matt so that he can buy new t-shirts in your store. This is his personal data:
    1. Name: Matt
    2. Lastname: Hanks
    3. Email:
  6. John receives $10 bonus once Matt has completed a purchase
The following image represents that referral flow that we will be testing:
Referral Program Flow
Testing that John can share services anywhere he wants

For John to be able to refer products he needs to access the referral program page and use the referrals tools to share the services. John will be able to use all the tools on the 'Referral tools' tab. In this scenario, John sends to Matt his personal URL (referral tool 2) so that Matt can check out the services and become a customer.
Allowing your customers to refer your services on your referral program
Testing that the referral (Matt) has been successfully created
Once John has shared the services with Matt, Matt will click on John's share link and will land on your store. Matt will browse your product, add some to the cart and finally pay for the products. Once Matt has completed a purchase, a new referral will be generated on Genius Referrals. To check if the new referral has been created, go to your advocate's section on Genius Referrals. You should be able to see Matt on the list.
Generating a new referral on your shopify store
Testing that a bonus is given to John once Matt has completed a purchase
Now we need to check if the advocate (John) receives a bonus once the referral (Matt) completes his purchase. To test this, Matt has to complete a purchase, once a purchase is completed John should receive a $10 bonus on Genius Referrals. Check the images below.
Checkout confirmation page
To check if the bonus was given to the advocate on Genius Referrals, go to your bonuses section. You should be able to see John's new bonus on this page.
Bonus given to advocate on Shopify Referral Program
In this scenario, every time a referral (Matt) completes a purchase on your store, the advocate (John) will receive a new bonus.
Testing that bonuses are redeemed as Discount Codes.
To redeem bonuses as discount codes, the advocate (John) must access the Redemptions section in the Referral Program and execute the following steps:
1. Log in to the Referral Program.
2. Go to the Redemptions section, where the bonuses that you have available are shown, the option to send new redemption requests and at the end the redemption history.
Redemptions section in the referral program
3. Since John has $10.00 bonuses available, he will create a redemption request to obtain a $10.00 discount code.
Redemption request
In the end, when the redemption request is completed, the advocate (John) receives a message via email with the $10.00 discount code that can be used in your store.
Discount code

That's all.

If everything here has gone well, your referral program works correctly.