How to Manage Members
Creating new members (Advocates, referrals, leads) on Genius Referrals is very easy using our portal. Our forms will help you to add members manually and also assign a referrer, a password, etc.

Creating a new member
To create a new member go to the member's section and click on the 'New' button. Make sure you fill in the following fields and then click on the 'Submit' button, not all fields are required:

  • Required Information
    • First name: The member's name.
    • Last name: The member's last name.
    • Email: The member's email.
    • Payout threshold: The total amount of bonuses that the member must generate before being able to create a bonus redemption request.
    • Currency: The member's currency.
    • Type: The type of member you are creating can be Advocate/Referral/Lead. If you have activated the approval process for new members; when selecting the type of member, a new status field will be displayed where you can select the status in which the member will be created.
  • Access to the program
    • Password: The member's password to use when accessing to the program.
    • Security Code: The member's security code, useful for recovering the password.
    • Email the access credentials: When 'yes' an email will be sent to the member with the email, password, and security code.
  • Referrer Information
    • Referrer's email: If the member has been referred you can enter the advocate's email to create the connection between the two members.
    • Campaign slug: When assigning the referrer to a member you must also specify the campaign used by the referrer.
  • Additional Information
    • Note: Use the note field to store additional information about the member, like the address, telephone number, etc.
Create a new advocate for your refer a friend program
Updating the referrer

To update a referrer, first search for the referral on the members section and click on the 'View' button located on the 'Actions' column.
search for an advocate on your referral program
Then, go to the program information section and click on the 'Update' button which is under the Referrer section.
update referrer on your referral program
Search for the referrer using its email, and select the campaign and network used for generating the referral. Then click on the 'Update' button.
update advocate's referrer on your referral program
Finally, make sure the referrer was updated by checking the email field under the referrer's section.
review the advocate's referrer for your referral program