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How To Use Virtual Assistants In A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Virtual Assistants as a channel of interaction between brands and users is one of the most consolidated Marketing strategies at a global level.

According to statistics, the virtual assistant market is projected to exceed $44 billion in 2027.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

It is increasingly common to find companies that have contracted the services of a virtual assistant, also known as a virtual advisor. And is that this technology based on Artificial Intelligence can increase the productivity of strategies by facilitating human tasks.

Thus, human resources are allocated to carrying out the most profitable tasks that provide the greatest economic benefits.

Virtual assistants from a remote location support multiple clients by providing administrative, creative, and technical services.

Usually, they are not physical persons, but rather robots with artificial intelligence, prepared to carry out functions in an automated manner, offering the same service as human personnel and with the same quality. They can be configured and programmed to answer customer queries using technologies such as speech recognition, language processing, deep learning, etc.

Virtual assistants mean time and money savings for companies since they automatically perform all those functions that are tedious and unproductive in a short time, which improves the company's image in the eyes of customers.

For example, they can facilitate tasks:
  • Administrative.
  • Technical support.
  • Appointment management.
  • Information in real-time.
  • Accounting and billing.
  • Management and organization of the agenda (events, reminders...)
  • Management of social networks, advertising and marketing projects, and emails (CRM, Gmail...).
  • 24/7 support
  • Telephone and online assistance
  • Bilateral translations from voice to text and vice versa.
  • Searches, data analysis, and reports
For a company, a virtual assistant represents innumerable benefits. For example:

  • It increases profitability and allows people to spend their time performing tasks that drive company revenue.

  • Save on personnel costs by not needing a physical person, since the virtual assistant is a robot with artificial intelligence.

  • It helps businesses grow without subjecting staff to overwork stress, as many complex tasks can be perfectly handled by the virtual assistant.

  • It increases productivity since it is capable of carrying out all processes from the beginning and with greater efficiency.
Optimize Digital Marketing with Virtual Assistants
Due to the multiple functionalities that the assistants have, they can be used to optimize Marketing strategies in any company, be they SMEs or large companies, regardless of the sector in which they are dedicated.

They are considered a channel to attract new consumers since they manage to collect information from the public about their interests, and tastes, among others, to promote accurate sales actions.

This data is incorporated into the different marketing strategies to generate educational content or more targeted ads.

How can we draw up a good digital marketing strategy using virtual assistants?

  • Strengthening SEO
Updating information on search engines and Google My Business data.

  • Answering key questions
Optimizing the texts using the resources that generate the most frequent questions about your keywords, will allow us to anticipate the requests and needs of the clients.

  • Linking data
It will be necessary to optimize the contents destined for the web so that the virtual assistants link them with the needs and preferences of the users.