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How To Prevent Cyberattacks In Our Digital Marketing Strategy?

The clients spent a happy day in their hotel, without suspecting that they could suffer a serious unknown attack.

Upon connecting to the local network, a software invited them to install a supposedly innocuous and legitimate update, to discover all the offers and services.

Many guests agreed to install it and immediately their devices were connected to a huge network of scams.

Sounds like the elaborate plot of a fictional movie, right?

This that we are narrating is the DarkHotel case, stealthy spyware that carried out a phishing espionage and malware propagation campaign.

The criminal selectively attacked visitors to business hotels through the Wi-Fi network of those premises. They targeted executive-level victims such as corporate directors, vice presidents, and directors of sales and marketing.

Numerous companies lost valuable information and the hotels where the spyware was able to infiltrate saw their image and their marketing strategies damaged.

Prevention of cyberattacks

The prevention of cyberattacks has become a key element of current digital marketing strategies.

It is clear that today, many transactions are carried out through the Internet. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital world began to direct the majority of company efforts.

Thus, we perceive an accelerated development in digital tools and an increase in the use of the web. More customers put their data in the hands of corporations for numerous activities such as shopping, travel, knowledge sharing, etc.

And in this way, cybercrimes multiplied.

The cyberattacks and the consequent loss of information that they entail, have an extremely high cost. We are talking about economic losses in the medium and long term, derived from a drop in sales, the negative impact on the corporate image of the company, in addition to direct expenses when responding to an attack.

Furthermore, if companies cannot demonstrate that they protect those assets, users will lose trust in them.

The value of having a cybersecurity strategy that accompanies our digital marketing campaign is clear.

This is also a key process in the strategic management of companies.
Today, computer security in digital marketing is one of the most important issues for business, promotion, and digitization of demand generation processes.
Relevance of cybersecurity in companies
Computer security or cybersecurity implies software whose objective is to prevent and detect the unauthorized use of a computer system.

It includes measures and activities that defend information or data from a business, through risk reduction and threat mitigation from intruders with malicious intent.

It is clear that in today's digital world even small businesses require a proper cybersecurity strategy.

Why is it so necessary?

Well, each brand, company, or business, regardless of size, must design marketing campaigns with the certainty that it will not expose its customers to losing their information.

Therefore, we must know that computer security will not only protect our data but will also have a favorable impact on the growth of our business.

Let us know that a computer security strategy for digital marketing should focus on:
  • reduce false alerts
  • increase the effectiveness of the information technology team
  • discover and respond to attacks that have penetrated security systems
Why prioritize computer security in our marketing strategy?
How many times do we hear about the appropriation of data such as bank account numbers, credit card information, passwords, documents, spreadsheets, etc?

Well, most of these crimes are based on a computer security breach that allowed the intrusion and theft of company data.

We can see that many of our day-to-day actions depend on computer security and the strategy used by companies to prevent increasingly technologically advanced cyberattacks.

Let’s see some tips to promote computer security in Marketing:

Use two-step authentication. This method provides one more layer of security, in addition to the password. This process involves the use of a second device to confirm the identity of the accessing user.

Keep an up-to-date backup. It is recommended to make a backup in a physical location and another in the Cloud.

Take care of the information that is shared. We must take care of the information we share on social media so as not to fall into gaps that attract cybercriminals.

Secure connections. Let's avoid connecting our devices to Wi-Fi connections or networks without a password.
POSTED ON MAY 26, 2022