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How To Link Blockchain And Digital Marketing?

Blockchain is a technology that allows registering of all kinds of transfers and electronic movements.

We can pass data, money, and goods in cyberspace safely, thanks to its advanced encryption system.

According to research, transfers with Blockchain provide more security than the usual banking processes because this technology includes a set of processes that allow maintaining a distributed, decentralized, synchronized, and, above all, secure record of the information in computers and other devices.

Its function is compared to that of a public registry in digital operations since it allows each person and device to be uniquely identified.

That information is stored and identified at all times.

The great advantage of these processes is that they allow a transaction or contract to be recorded in a verifiable, unfalsifiable, and transparent manner. To make each payment, each contract, and each task, no third-party verification is needed.

Today, Blockchain is such a secure technology that it is used to keep a living archive of who owns virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

Blockchain to "secure" Digital Marketing

Blockchain records digital events and makes transfers, with the particularity that no intermediaries are needed to approve and verify the information.

Of course, this is essential for a Digital Marketing strategy, since new registrations are validated without destroying the previous ones.

This guarantees the security of digital processes, avoiding fraud and generating brand responsibility.

In addition, all kinds of digital exchanges are streamlined.
Blockchain, Digital Marketing, E-commerce
How many times have we heard of a case of personal data fraud linked to e-commerce and digital stores?

It is usual that when a user acquires a product or service through e-commerce, they deposit their personal and bank data, thinking that it is a safe and reliable site that will treat them responsibly.

However, cases of product scams, deception, identity theft, and loss of bank details are common today.

But Blockchain system has come to secure transactions and data exchange in digital purchases thanks to its unalterable processes.

Technology allows online distribution to track products or services and data from the outset, which prevents misuse of data.

We see other ways to secure Digital Marketing campaigns with Blockchain:
  • Secure connections in SEM and SEO campaigns
Blockchain and Digital Marketing come together for the optimization of campaigns in search engines, fundamentally for the actions of SEO and SEM strategies. Nowadays, companies like Google have the role of intermediaries in SEO and SEM campaigns.

But using Blockchain in Digital Marketing, dependence on an intermediary is no longer necessary, all because the process is developed with a technology node.

The decentralized network to manage these SEM or SEO campaigns without third parties allows the users themselves to be in charge of validating and advertising them.

This will allow for a faster, more efficient, and cheaper workflow, with greater brand responsibility.

  • Data protection in advertising campaigns
Blockchain allows the proper use of user data in advertising campaigns.
Collecting the databases through Blockchain will improve the customer experience, showing them what they want to see, always safely and reliably for them.

  • Improve ROI
The implementation of the Blockchain and Digital Marketing will improve the Return on Investment, ROI, since, as we explained in the previous point, it will make the ads more precise because Internet users will only consume the campaigns or offers which allow them to use your data

  • Optimize the user experience
Higher conversion rates are the result of the union of Blockchain and Digital Marketing.

The security in the data exchange and the segmentation of the campaigns improves the engagement of the target audience.

Blockchain would provide greater security and guarantee that the user does not have problems when accessing to buy online.