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How To Apply Augmented Intelligence To Marketing?

Combine technology to augment human capabilities. Sounds good, right?

Well, that is precisely what the trend of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence, implies, a concept that refers to the promotion of human cognitive development through technology.

"In 2030 we will be able to connect the brain to another exterior that will make it more powerful." Can you imagine being able to speak Chinese without learning it? Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, commented a few years ago, precisely on the subject of Augmented Intelligence.

But what exactly is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence is, as we explained, an Artificial Intelligence tool designed to increase the capabilities and intelligence of human beings, but not to replace them.

Augmented intelligence drives the performance of a person's skills and includes robotic process automation.

As we pointed out, it does not eliminate the need for specialized talent or highly educated employees, but it simplifies some tasks that they must carry out.

It is always emphasized that this technology has been created for humans and not to replace them.

Although it works autonomously, it always obeys the programming code designed by man.
Augmented Intelligence removes barriers to performing certain physical tasks and allows us to save time to focus on other tasks.

Nowadays Augmented Intelligence is already applied in many spheres of society. For example:
Neil Harbisson, is the first Cyborg on the planet, showing the potential of mixing human skills and technology. Neil was only able to see on a grayscale, therefore, he decided to work on an antenna incorporating it into his body as an extension, to distinguish colors.
Currently and through vibrations in his skull, he can distinguish colors by associating them with images, music, or videos.

As we can see, Augmented Intelligence has allowed him to solve the limitations with which he was born and redesign his own body.

This demonstrates that Augmented Intelligence is an alliance through which people and Artificial Intelligence work to improve cognitive performance, learning, decision-making, and new experiences.

Other applications of Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence has not yet reached its highest stage of development, but as we pointed out, it is applied in various sectors of society.

An example of this is Big Data, the analysis of immense volumes of data that Augmented Intelligence can analyze quickly and using Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning and algorithms.
Augmented Intelligence and Future Marketing
As we can see, Augmented Intelligence seeks to support humans in complex analysis and tasks to boost their productivity. It is a technique that comes to complement human knowledge.

But how can augmented intelligence help a company or business?

There are many different ways to use augmented intelligence. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that it can optimize and improve all areas of a company or business.

Let's see how Augmented Intelligence can increase the effectiveness of a marketing strategy:

  • Augmented intelligence to drive online sales
With augmented reality applications and through Augmented Intelligence techniques, customers can test products and services virtually. Even if they prefer to shop online, they may get an idea of your merchandise.

To use the virtual test tools, we can upload a photo or open the camera, and the appearance of the product will be displayed.

  • Demonstrate security and transparency of products and services
Car companies already use augmented intelligence to help drivers spot hazards on the road and keep them from looking at their phones.

Using augmented intelligence techniques, we demonstrate to clients the transparency of the offer and the safety of products and services.

  • Boost customer service
We improve customer service with augmented intelligence. For example, through language processing and chatbots, we answer some customer questions faster. Intelligence automation can also help customer service employees.

  • Create positive experiences for customers
Augmented intelligence can help us create an innovative product that improves the customer experience and thus we will have guaranteed traffic in our Marketing strategy.

  • Augmented intelligence can reduce drudgery.                   
Automation saves time in many different ways. Cleaning data sets, forecasting future trends, analyzing competition, social trends, and customer feedback… all of this help us create more effective marketing plans.
POSTED ON MAY 16, 2022