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Automated Marketing. How Can You Make It Easier During Tax Season?

Paying taxes is always a task that can put pressure on companies
However, some solutions can ease the burden of fundraising season.

We have seen that promotion and discounts through a website, direct mail reminders and, in general, digital marketing channels, can attract a greater public this season and reduce the dilemmas faced by brands and companies.

Automated Digital Marketing comes to make management even easier, through optimized programs and strategies to analyze data and promote plans that reach more contacts and potential customers.

Automated strategies to mitigate losses and gain customers during tax season

Let's see how some Automated Marketing strategies can help in tax season:

  • Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Data indicate that many customers have made purchasing decisions based on direct mail they received, so special automated follow-up via email marketing can help those customers who file early or late.

A selective email strategy for higher-income contributors can position the company better than the competition.

In addition, this strategy allows the loyalty of the audience and makes customers return year after year, also bringing their contacts.

An automated affiliate marketing program allows you to promote effective customer retention strategies through mailing, but also through SMS or social networks, among other spaces.
  • Segment by discounts and offers
Many low-income customers will look for the least expensive option where they can get the most money back.

A discount is a great value for these prospects as taxes are complex, and for small business owners, freelancers, and people with side jobs, even more difficult.

Therefore, an automated direct mail strategy can target with a message specifically designed for that audience segment.

  • Better savings conditions
Digital reminders to customers about special tax exemptions for retirement savings and other facilities help build customer loyalty and keep them close to the company.

  • Monitoring of expenses and payments in real-time
An automated strategy allows keeping all the systems and units of the company linked to the same database that is monitored in real-time to program expenses, facilities, and other data related to clients to facilitate the tax season.

Through analytics and data management, each client's needs can be known during tax season, and the best way to solve it can be proposed.
  • Improve accounting
Accounting aided by automated analytics can make customer data tax-deductible.

This process will allow proposing different ways to save and have good records, in addition to the credits and deductions that the user can obtain.

  • Remember deadlines
Reminders and ideas on how to prepare the tax return before the usual due date will ensure that the client spends time locating more documents or getting help.

Genius Referrals, we propose automated solutions for tax season

At Genius Referrals we propose an automated Digital Marketing system that will make tax season more bearable for companies and their clients.

Our Automated Referral and Affiliate solutions allow you to win customers and increase sales even during collection times.

Our strategies will help brands direct plans that make it easier for them to improve their customer base in tax season based on analyzes of tastes, needs, profits, and other data to take into consideration.

This will allow brands to maintain a loyal clientele that will promote their services with their contacts, bringing in potential customers.