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How Can TikTok Boost A Marketing Campaign?

The soul of TikTok, the fast-growing social network, is the creators, the users who produce and post videos of all kinds.

Those short, brief, and simple contents have been loaded with:

  • creativity
  • innovation
  • eye-catching and moving messages that have gained followers every day.
The platform is known for constantly initiating new trends that later reach other social networks and touch every audience, regardless of age or gender.

Marketing on TikTok has also become a trend for brands, which seek to insert themselves and create trends among that youth audience that loves the digital space.

The highly innovative formats provided by the network allow brands to display their services and products in an attractive way, which attracts the success of marketing campaigns.
A referral program on TikTok
At Genius Referrals, we know that short TikTok videos help create a stronger impression than other social media posts.

The subscribers of the network created a large and strong community that likes to promote what they consider "good".

Can you imagine a better way to boost a referral program?

TikTok's user base is already considered huge and continues to grow rapidly every day. This makes it the ideal space to gain fans and followers and turn them into that loyal public and promoter that we aspire to with our Referral strategy.

Genius Referrals provide our clients with all the tools to carry out an effective, efficient, and outstanding Referral strategy on TikTok.

In our Share Messaging, promoters will be able to automatically share creative and inspiring content that will win loyal customers.

What do we get with TikTok?

Bringing our referral strategy to TikTok will allow us to:

  • Reach all kinds of audiences. Even though in its beginnings, TikTok's audience was mostly young, statistics currently show that a good part of the network's, audience is also adult, between 30 and 40 years old.

  • Drive our strategy creatively. The network not only viralizes musical and entertainment content, but the platform is also currently running a campaign called "More Than You Think", which proposes the recognition of topics such as sports, cooking and social movements.

  • Earn promoters without investing too much. Getting loyal followers is extremely easy on TikTok. We have it within reach of interactions with organic content.