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Green Marketing, Neuromarketing And 4 Other Current Trends That We Should Include In Our Strategy

Like society itself, Marketing also evolves by leaps and bounds.

We are currently witnessing how the forms of advertising have changed since the transformations that occur in the environment have repercussions on how companies direct their strategies.

Several decades ago, marketing campaigns were focused on production and sales.

But nowadays, and as competition becomes generalized, companies have been forced to innovate more and more, and to maintain a very close relationship with the consumer, to find out their tastes and priorities.

Not only should the customer who can make a purchase be prioritized, but also the potential customers, seen in that person who is changing their purchasing behavior, their needs, and expectations.

Current marketing strategies must overflow creativity and analyze what the custom inking, what he wants and what he expects from what the market offers.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the Marketing strategy must attend to trends that reflect current society and, consequently, potential customers.

We describe below 6 current trends to promote a Marketing strategy:

1. Guerrilla Marketing

The serious economic crisis caused by consumerism, the COVID 19 pandemic and climate change, make it necessary to reduce expenses in companies.

Thus arises the trend of so-called guerrilla marketing, which allows the use of unusual advertising techniques, but is cheaper.

These tools generate low campaign costs and also attract the attention of consumers.

Today, campaigns are sought to be economical, and for this they must be attractive to the buyer, touching feelings, emotions and displaying innovative ideas.
2. Green Marketing
Sustainability is a hot topic that generates more and more conversation. The origin of green marketing is based on climate damage that is becoming more evident and generates more interest in society.

Green marketing aims to raise awareness and mitigate environmental impacts by disseminating responsible waste management.

In the campaigns, they highlight proposals for:
  • Green attribute sales
  • Environmental commitments of companies
  • Ecological and social concerns, which allow adding value to companies.

3. Social Marketing

Social responsibility is the base of Social Marketing, whose campaigns are committed to making a donation or contribution to a current cause, for each unit of product they sell.

Support for social causes and dissemination in segmented markets seeks, as a result, benefits for companies and the society.

Let's take as an example, the advertising campaign associated with menstrual cups and its relationship with the feminist cause. Many companies donate these products in talks and events related to the empowerment of women and thus advertise it linked to the social cause.

However, we must know that good Social Marketing implies responsibilities, commitments, and cooperation to meet the needs of less favored social groups and achieve the well-being of the community.

4. Neuromarketing

Knowing customers in detail and seeing how they react to a certain stimulus is the main base of this current Marketing trend, called Neuromarketing.

It implies knowing the way of thinking of the buyer to be able to offer him the goods and services that he needs.

It is based on the application of:
  • in-depth investigation
  • neuroscience
  • psychology and marketing, to assess cognitive and emotional responses.
Understanding the ways of thinking, beliefs, feelings, desires, and emotions, allows us to draw a strategy on the purchase decisions of customers.

5. B2B Marketing (Business-to-Business)

Cooperation, an elaborate process of communication and relationship through solid and lasting associations, is a current trend that allows the elaboration of economic and effective campaigns.

This is what B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing is like, whereby companies do business directly with other companies, avoiding intermediaries and allowing direct interaction with customers.

6. Viral Marketing

Content with huge circulation in the digital universe is known as “viral”. This is one of the most popular current trends for social media marketing.

Its objective is the use of social networks for purchase motivation purposes, sharing commercial information with referrals or friends, who can make it go viral.

Said content must be of quality so then the client will considers it is important to share the information.