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If you are in this section, we are assuming at this point that you have already registered yourself in our platform (we have already generated your API credentials), you have created an account for your Website, set up your campaigns and widgets packages. If you haven't done these yet please go back to our introductory section and get ready before continuing. However, if you are just looking around and getting familiarized with the contents, keep reading forward.

Before making the final decision on whether or not to use our RESTful API you should check out our SDKs. Our SDKs will help you to implement your referral marketing programs easier that using the RESTful API. However, if you can not use one of our SDKs then the RESTful API is the way to go.

When implementing referral programs with our RESTful API we recommend using our Advanced Integration Method which allows you to have full control of your integration process. Follow the steps described in this integration method and make sure to review our Authentication section so that you can learn how to consume our API resources from pretty much any HTTP client in any programming language.