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Geographic Marketing And Sports Marketing, Two Curious Trends To Segment The Audience

The way companies approach their marketing strategies today is very different from the advertising plans of decades ago.

The appearance of the competition radically changed the marketing universe and consolidated the need to broaden the vision, maintain a close relationship with the consumer, and analyze their:

  • buying behaviors
  • needs
  • wishes
  • expectations

Now marketing strategies must study what the customer is thinking and segment their audience. An important part of a company's success lies in marketing.

Two trends, one goal

Marketing continues to have as its main objective, to boost sales.

However, if the audience is segmented, a more accurate audience analysis can be achieved.

For this reason, one of the trends known as geographic marketing or geomarketing arises, which indicates the relationship between geographic aspects and market behavior.

Geomarketing defines a research process of the opportunities and impediments to satisfy the needs, desires, and demands according to geographical elements of the environment.

Using statistical methods and graphic representations, useful information is obtained for decision making, combining digital cartography, graphs, and tables.

By segmenting customers by geographic areas, it is possible to identify potential customer data.

Of course, when using geographic marketing we must take into account limitations such as access to roads, infrastructure, means of transport and schedules, among others.
Sports marketing, in vogue
Sports marketing, as its name suggests, is aimed at that immense public that loves sports activity, through the promotion and advertising of events, brands and activities.

The promotion of images of famous athletes, high-level events and sports careers has the following objectives:

  • look for audiences
  • make the brand visible
  • unite the concept of the brand with the benefits of sport

Usually, the companies that use this strategy offer sports items, food, cars, cleaning products, among others.

Although there is the case of Mastercard, a regular marketer of women's football, which uses the promotion of social causes more than the sport itself.

Sports Marketing aims to offer added value to the customer and to do so strikes an emotional chord through advertainment, a mix of advertising and entertainment, as well as interaction with consumers.