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From TikTok To Facebook: The Most Successful Social Networks For Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing or Marketing in social networks is one of the most used campaigns currently to provide brands with recognition, new customers, and higher sales.And after the COVID- 19 pandemic, the use of the digital environment has increased.

The use of social networks for marketing has spread not only to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but many companies already use networks such as TikTok, YouTube, WeChat, QQ, etc.

Therefore, we are clear that marketing on social networks is almost essential as part of the recognition strategy of companies and brands of any kind.

Choose wisely

Currently, the most popular social networks for businesses are still Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but LinkedIn and TikTok have been added in recent years.

Although social networks are an ideal space to win customers and brand recognition, we will achieve a better position if we analyze the context associated with our business, to choose which digital spaces can bring us greater benefits.

We must also draw a plan to guide our strategy in each network we select, with ideal content according to:
the style of the space, the public that accesses it, our interests, and the objective of the brand.
1- Facebook, visibility
Facebook is one of the first networks used for business and, without a doubt, the most popular. Its many benefits for brands include:

  • Branding. Facebook allows us to explore new markets and reach customers everywhere.

  • Advertising. Facebook is considered the social network where the advertising works best due to its formats that can be adapted to all types of businesses.

  • Measurable statistics. The social network allows us to compute many of the aspects of our marketing campaigns and provides important data to move forward.

  • Personalized communication. We can reach all customers with brief, understandable and measurable messages.
2- Instagram, interaction

Instagram is one of the networks that guarantees direct company-client interaction and promotes the use of the aesthetics and creativity of brands. It also provides:

  • Increased traffic. Instagram allows you to link content on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter and consequently reach more users. It also redirects to the blog website or company homepage.

  • Feedback and exchanges in real-time. Companies interact in real-time with their users. In addition, the platform includes important hashtags to guarantee interaction.

  • Geolocation. Instagram includes the location in the publications and thus the company is included in its photo map, increasing visibility.
3- Twitter, open information
Twitter is a social network that stands out for its brevity and ease of making messages “viral”. It can also contribute to a Marketing strategy:

  • Extensive information about customers and competition. Unlike other social networks, Twitter makes a large amount of open information available to users to perform analysis on the target audience and our competition.

  • Effective contact. Direct and effective contact between users and the community is always beneficial for brands, to analyze their audience and provide good customer service.

  • Promotion. Twitter stimulates a good promotion of the company through short messages and hashtags. In addition, the content can go viral in a short time.
4- LinkedIn, find talent
LinkedIn is a social network focused on business, the corporate world, and employment, so most brands recognize the importance of creating a profile on the web. These are some of the benefits it provides:

  • Extensive information about the profile of our business. If we want to gain recognition in the context in which our company develops, it is important to create a LinkedIn profile with brand information and descriptions of activities.

  • Find talented employees. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to expand the workforce with talented employees whose profile is recommended according to the action of our business.

  • Publicize products and services. LinkedIn is the best network to highlight promotions and discounts and what makes our company different.

  • Find partners. LinkedIn recommends contacting partners in the same spectrum as our business. Their recommendations validate multiple associations between brands.
5-TIKTOK, reaching the young audience
TikTok is a young but fast-growing social network. It is today a trend, especially among the young public. That is an advantage because most brands want to reach that kind of audience. Let’s see some of the benefits doing Marketing on TikTok:

  • New audiences. Due to its rapid growth and expansion, TikTok is present in the 5 continents, which allows us to reach new audiences and markets.

  • Creative and attractive formats. Young audiences require innovative and creative advertising, and that is why TikTok is the best network to position content freshly and innovatively.

  • Brand Takeover. Brand Takeover is a 3-5 second ad format that usually appears when the user enters the app. If we achieve impact content, the Brand Takeover will be the tool to make it viral.