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Deep Learning To Optimize Digital Marketing

Can machines learn to perform human tasks?

Although it may seem incredible, in our daily lives we are accompanied by numerous machines that have learned to analyze and imitate human behavior. An example of this is the voice assistants Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.

Deep learning is a type of Machine Learning, one of the foundations of Artificial Intelligence, which allows a computer to perform tasks as humans do.

This technology encompasses speech recognition, image identification, or prediction determination. Deep learning involves artificial neural networks (ANNs) that mimic the functioning of human neurons.

These ANNs can match, and in some cases exceed, human capabilities.

Deep learning sets basic parameters for computers to learn patterns by using many layers of processing.

It allows to classify, recognize, detect and describe numerous data. For example, recognizing speech and images, detecting objects, and describing the content.

Let’s see some benefits of Deep Learning in everyday life:
  • Elevating the performance of in-depth learning methods
  • New machine learning methods to improve model accuracy
  • Computational and graphic processing advances
  • Evolution of human-machine interactions through gestures, finger swipes, touch, and natural language

Applications of Deep Learning in daily life

The impact that deep learning has had on the world has been significant. The capacity of this technology represents a great opportunity to improve the analytics and performance of applications.

Some of the functionalities include:
  • Speech recognition
Google Now and Apple's Siri already utilize deep learning technologies in their systems to recognize human speech and voice patterns.

  • Image recognition
A practical application of image recognition is the automatic printing of image captions and scene descriptions. Self-driving cars are also benefiting through the use of 360-degree technology.

  • Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning allows the processing and analysis of the written text

  • Recommendation systems
Deep learning can be used to improve recommendations in advertising strategies across multiple platforms.
Applications of Deep Learning in Marketing
One of the greatest benefits of deep learning algorithms in Digital Marketing strategies is the information about the sentiment, emphasis, and intention of users to improve the customer experience.

Here are some of its main contributions:

Information processing: Understanding and predicting human behavior to identify customer preferences and needs is essential for a Digital Marketing strategy.
We must know that smart assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo make life easier by analyzing oral information, as they are constantly collecting audio of what is happening around them.

Translation: The use of text recognition through mobile devices to obtain necessary information in real-time is essential for marketing.

Pattern recognition: Through deep learning, we can identify layers of patterns to reveal new data relationships, insights, and predictive analytics.

Personalization: Segmenting with Deep Learning to define audiences, incorporate content, and present options to people, are essential elements of a marketing strategy. Customer preferences can be analyzed in a much more comprehensive way based on the reactions that users have had in previous campaigns.

Engagement: Knowing the levels of engagement in the different online communication channels, as well as their opinions, concerns, and preferences, will allow us to design much more precise and effective marketing strategies.