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Deep Learning and Machine Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages in a Digital Marketing Strategy

Thanks to technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, systems are automated and machines "learn" human tasks.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning allows them to learn automatically through algorithms that analyze data collected from the context in which they operate to provide certain information.

These resulting data become options to improve certain issues, thanks to the detection of behavior patterns.

Thanks to Machine Learning, today companies can constantly evaluate aspects such as customer behavior, fraud prevention, strategy failures, web traffic predictions, etc.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning or in-depth learning allows machines a much more detailed level of analysis.

The Deep Learning model tries to imitate the human neuronal model through an artificial cognitive process designed with neural layers or units (RNA) whose algorithms try to imitate the functioning of the brain.

Deep learning aims to integrate human psychological functions such as memory, reasoning, attention, motivation, and emotions.

In what areas are these technologies used?

The generation of new sources of income, business growth, and the solution of complex problems are some of the contributions of Deep Learning and Machine Learning to today's society.

Its advantages and benefits stand out, particularly in the following areas:

Health and Science
Deep Learning and Machine Learning are drivers of sensors and devices that analyze health data at the moment. Many of these advances can detect diseases instantly.

Financial sector
The risk analysis provided by these technologies makes it possible to identify investment opportunities and loss warnings in the financial sector. They have also managed to mitigate fraud and scams.

Entertainment and Media
These technologies provide constant analysis of the tastes and preferences of the audience, which is why entertainment companies currently offer personalized and immersive content.
Advantages of using Deep Learning and Machine Learning in Marketing
Both Deep Learning and Machine Learning are part of the Artificial Intelligence technologies that try to facilitate business management by increasing human potential through the use of machines.

Deep Learning plays an extremely important role in the future of Digital Marketing through the deep analysis of data to propose effective strategies, aimed at improving and taking the user experience to high levels.

The rapid, secure, and constant analysis of customer behavior that we obtain through this technology will help us keep the user at the center of our strategy, responding to their preferences and needs.

- Let's see some benefits of applying Deep Learning to Digital Marketing are:

  • The smart translators
They learn in a similar way to human behavior and allow us to translate the content we share into multiple languages.

  • Speech recognition
We obtain more accurate and faster recommendations by improving searches by 10% to 15% and segmenting the audience to deliver the advertising they prefer.

  • Image recognition
The technology makes it possible to recognize images and analyze them qualitatively effectively.

-Advantages and applications of Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

  • Browsers
Machine Learning improves search results and suggestions.

  • Trends
Predictions and forecasts through the collection of user data that can recommend and suggest other products. The analysis of user behavior patterns allows knowing consumption patterns and predicting audience needs.

  • Cybersecurity
Machine learning makes it possible to identify patterns of behavior that are far from the norm, which could be related to cybercrime.

  • Automated processes
Thanks to Machine Learning, the worker can dedicate his time to other tasks and leave data analysis for the computers.

Some examples that demonstrate the feasibility of applying Machine Learning in Marketing include the streaming video platform, Netflix, which uses this technology to suggest series and movies to users, taking into account their preferences and previous history.

Google also uses Machine Learning to create ads based on search preferences.
Disadvantages associated with the use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Digital Marketing
Although there are many benefits that these technologies have brought to society and specifically to Digital Marketing, we must take into account some elements that can be a brake on our strategy. For example:

  • Training models for the application of these technologies are expensive and require competent professionals.
  • Setting up this intensive process can take time, effort, and adaptation
  • We must have a team prepared to correctly interpret the results of these technologies.