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Cybersecurity And Digital Marketing. What Techniques We Should Use To Protect Our Strategy?

Cybersecurity is an extremely relevant concept in the digital field today.

According to the world's leading company in cybersecurity solutions and services, Karpesky, cybersecurity or computer security is applied in all digital fields, from business to mobile computing, and is the practice of defending against malicious attacks:
the computers
mobile devices
electronic systems
networks and data

It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security and involves protecting a computer network from intruders, whether they are targeted attackers or opportunistic malware.

Currently, maintaining the security of applications by freeing them from threats is essential for all companies, businesses, and brands.

Why is cybersecurity so important?

According to Karpesky, an affected application in a company could provide access to the data it is intended to protect.

Cybersecurity, therefore, maintains the integrity and privacy of data, both in storage and in transit.

According to Fortinet statistics, in 2019 alone, 85 billion cyberattack attempts were documented in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In addition, 62 percent of companies believe that the number of cyberattacks has increased since 2020, due to the increase in digital traffic caused by COVID 19.

Today, it is estimated that the annual global cost of cybercrime will be more than 10 billion dollars by 2025 since it takes a company approximately 6 months to detect a security breach and in that time it can lose an infinity of information.

Currently, 71 percent of cyberattacks are financially motivated, followed by intellectual property theft and espionage.

Medical services, retail companies, and public entities are the entities that suffer the most from cybercrimes and leaks since financial and medical data have a high value.

These are some of the most common cyber attacks:

Malware. Malicious software and one of the most common cyber threats. Malware is software created to disrupt or damage a legitimate user's computer. There are different types of malware, such as Trojans, Spyware, Ransomware, Adware, and Botnets.

SQL code injection. An SQL injection (for its acronym Structured Query Language) is a type of cyberattack that allows the cybercriminal to take control and steal data from a database.

Phishing. Using phishing, cybercriminals attack with emails that appear to be from a legitimate company requesting sensitive information to get people to hand over their credit cards and other data.

Denial of service attack. Cybercriminals prevent a computer system from fulfilling legitimate requests and becoming overloaded with traffic.
How to protect our Marketing strategy?
Computer security or cybersecurity is extremely important in a digital marketing strategy to prevent information theft.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, today it exists to take care of the marketing and eCommerce strategy.

Through cybersecurity techniques, we can protect vulnerable points of the strategy such as:
  • Emails
  • Social networks
  • Content management systems
  • Automated software.

Here are some of the most effective protection techniques:

Study and create strong passwords
The strength of our strategy depends on passwords. Through them, we can prevent a cybercriminal from accessing our accounts.

Email, social networks, and other channels of our company are protected by passwords, and the more complicated they are, the more difficult it is for cyber attacks.

It is recommended to create sequences that combine numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters, and use fancy terms.

Also, we should not log in using public Wi-Fi networks.

Use Antivirus and Firewall and update them frequently
To protect your data from malicious software, it is recommended to use a quality antivirus and always update it. Firewall and antivirus are required to be recent and have up-to-date virus databases.

Update programs and data
It is not enough just to create strong passwords. For greater security, we must update the information periodically. Therefore, it is good to change passwords often.

Also, payment method systems must be updated regularly to maintain the security of our customers' information.

Back up data
If we are affected by a cyber attack, we must have this backup option which is the backup.

It is recommended to make a full copy several times a year. But the most important information should have a copy that is updated weekly, preventing a loss.
POSTED ON MAY 25, 2022