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Knowing Genius Referrals: Customizable Templates For Your Referral Program!

Building a referral program is not an easy task.

When we implement this type of marketing strategy, we must offer prizes or attractive rewards to users for attracting potential customers and spreading the word about our products or services.

Numerous studies show that referrals are one of the most certain ways to increase your customer base and also a highly reliable advertising strategy.

Successful referrals are created by satisfied customers, who spread the benefits of our business, using word-of-mouth.

It is quite clear that the referral strategy is feasible.

However, as we explained, building a good referral program is not something simple.

How to make our business generate referrals continuously? How to increase the customer base? What prizes or rewards should we offer?

All of these questions should guide the implementation of a referral program.

What to do to create an effective referral strategy?

Businesses today know how important word-of-mouth marketing and referral programs are to gaining new customers and increasing sales.

But, what fundamental elements should we take into account?

  • Choose the right reward
Finding a reward that motivates our audience is essential to the effectiveness of a referral program. We must test some options within our referral program before finding something new, useful and that attracts the attention of our users.

A good reward has the potential to motivate customers to refer a friend. The variety and originality of the prizes can be the determining factor to have a successful referral.

  • Promote the referral program
Promoting our referral marketing strategy will ensure the growth of our business. Therefore, we must use elements such as SMS, social media, and emails to promote our business.

We can also create a newsletter to publicize our news.

  • Create a communication channel with promoters
The objective of a referral program is to find potential customers who recommend our brand and products and act as promoters.

It is important to create a regular communication channel with which to regularly interact with these promoters to get their impressions and thus improve our strategy.

  • Participation of promoters in the life of the company
We must give space to our promoters in company conversations and decisions. By empowering them, they will more easily attract other customers.

You should also respond to all comments on the internet, and learn from both the positive and negative ones.
  • Track analytics and metrics
Companies' referral strategies must be constantly evaluated based on metrics and analytics, to know if our distribution channels are working.

We must identify where customers come from, what other pages they have visited if they have a personal blog, and what they say about other brands.

  • Meet potential customers on social media
Deep data analysis is one of the trends that can help us with our referral strategy. The data shows detailed information about who customers are, what they are most interested in, and where they like to spend time online.

In this way, we can target the objectives of our marketing strategies.

  • Automate the referral program
Automating digital marketing is a key issue for referral marketing, as this is how we manage to optimize human resources and business management.

Automated referral marketing is done through software that will execute all the tasks associated with digital marketing strategies in a faster and more efficient way.

Referral Marketing is a strategy that requires a lot of automation and optimization of the digital universe since customer service is essential.

To maintain excellent interaction with the audience, and take care of promotion on social media and reminders via SMS and email, we need automated elements that respond quickly to queries, opinions, and comments.

  • Personalize Marketing
We know that today more than ever consumers demand more personalization in the purchase process.

Therefore, our referral strategy must be tailored to each individual and connect with the consumer. Through data collection, analysis, and the use of automated technology, we can attract a wide audience.
Genius Referrals: automated and customizable referral program
At Genius Referrals, we put at your disposal an automated referral program, which the client can customize in the best way, according to their tastes, preferences, and brand image.

Our team defends that automated and personalized marketing allows us to analyze potential clients and involve promoters in decision-making, key elements to obtain better results and increase sales.
Customize your program with our various templates
At Genius Referrals, our clients can customize the look and feel of their referral program using one of our attractive templates.

These elements that we offer are fully responsive and customizable and can be used to create multiple referral programs for customers, partners, employees, and more.

Built with top-of-the-line, proven technologies, these templates work on ANY device.

Below we list our templates:

Included within the Promoter Portal are our templates that allow promoters to redeem their bonuses for credits.

Through them, we can create a referral program with pages to empower them and tools to constantly measure the evolution of the strategy.

These are:
Genius Classic
Genius Starling
Genius Magpie
Genius Bluebird
  • Post Purchase
Post-purchase templates are used on the thank you page for promoters to share their experiences after completing a purchase.

It can be installed on the payment confirmation page, registration page, or wherever you want promoters to have access to referral tools.

These include:

Genius Starling Post-Purchase
Genius Magpie Post-Purchase

This custom template from Genius Referrals allows you to track new referrals and doubles as a home page
Are included:

Discount Code
Basic Form
Registration Form
Sing up Form
Simple Form
POSTED ON MAY 31, 2022