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Conversational Marketing. Why Is It Important To Include It In A Digital Marketing Strategy And A Referral Program?

Permanent and effective communication to improve the user experience is one of the objectives of marketing and advertising today.

Hence, conversational marketing is included as a dimension of digital marketing to improve the interaction of brands with users through virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence, which operates on different messaging platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp.

Conversational marketing boosts customer service to the highest levels through permanent interaction and personalized messages based on user data analysis.

Why is it a trend in Marketing?

Conversational marketing covers several extremely important points to guarantee the success of a marketing strategy. For example

  • Permanent interaction
The fast and effective response, immediacy, is essential for customers. Today, users expect to be answered instantly and their questions answered.

Accordingly, the importance of conversational marketing is to interact at any time with customers, using chatbots and instant messaging platforms.

  • Segmentation and personalization
Based on data analysis, virtual assistants can not only answer customer questions but can also recommend products and services based on audience segmentation.

In addition, chatbots are useful for managing multiple interactions at the same time, but in a personalized way.

  • Acquisition of qualified leads
By analyzing the interests, needs, and tastes of users, chatbots can capture qualified leads, that is, people who are ready to contact a representative and become a new loyal customers of a brand or company.

  • Multichannel interaction
Conversational marketing is characterized by being multichannel, that is, virtual assistants exchange with customers in the places and platforms that they prefer, when they prefer it.

  • Various types of bots
Conversational marketing is characterized by the presence of chatbots, virtual agents that answer queries based on programmed responses, or artificial intelligence.

But smartbots are also used, those use natural language to maintain a conversation, pretending to be a real person.
How to boost conversational marketing strategy
Conversational marketing optimizes our digital marketing strategy to improve the user experience, allowing anyone to communicate with our company whenever they need to.

For this, we must take into account the multiple platforms on which we can interact with the client.

For example:

Live chat
Through this communication platform, any visitor to our website can speak, live and direct, with a representative who guides them. The option is usually visible as an icon on the page.

The chatbot powered by artificial intelligence works as an assistant that responds to messages on social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) and provides programmed responses.

A chatbot with quick responses ensures messages don't pile up in the Facebook Messages app and keeps the customer happy with the quick interaction.

One of the most popular platforms for conversational marketing is the WhatsApp Business application, through which we can create a product catalog, share links and start real conversations
How conversational marketing influences a referral program?
Customer service is essential to retain the audience, a key element of a Referral program.

How can conversational marketing help us?

Unifying the strategy
Conversational marketing integrated into the referral program allows us to generate better promotions and strengthens the company-client relationship.

Chatbots provide more information to customers
Chatbots allow us to offer interesting content to visitors and give them tools to get to know the company and build loyalty.

Build trust
Gaining consumer trust is essential to creating a successful referral program. Only in this way do we obtain the loyalty of the user, turning him into a loyal customer and a promoter of our services and products.

If we start the sales process by clarifying the user's doubts through a pleasant and helpful bot, he will be pleased and will choose to stay with our company.
POSTED ON MAY 23, 2022