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What Challenges And Transformations Does The Digital Context Of Marketing And The Metaverse Bring?

Offer a “real” shopping experience
That is what characterizes Marketing management in the Metaverse, the virtual world that tries to transcend physical limits and help each person explore their creativity.

Why right now? Why a Metaverse?

The Metaverse includes a set of digital experiences (virtual, immersive, and three-dimensional) that will allow us to interact through the Internet and carry out daily life tasks such as working and even shopping.

In this virtual world, we will penetrate through sensors that will give rise to an avatar or adapted character (that will represent us), creating connections and experiences that will only have our creativity as a brake.

Much has been heard these days from the Metaverse of the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who has tried to exemplify the capabilities and possibilities of this new universe of augmented reality in which we will be able to overcome physical barriers.

The objective is to avoid a crisis like the one brought about by Covid-19, in which the impossibility of interacting in person brought down thousands of companies and businesses.

The Metaverse proposes a virtual world in which there will be no barriers to sharing experiences, holding business meetings, and purchases. We will be able to function in daily life, without the real physical problems.

However, we must know that the Metaverse will not yet be present in our daily lives, as there are challenges that must be overcome, related to bandwidth, interoperability, infrastructure, etc.

But the fact is, that it already constitutes a reality that is around the corner, and we must prepare ourselves to assume the transformations that it will bring with it.

What will marketing focus on in the Metaverse?

The difference between Digital Marketing strategies and those of the Metaverse is that in the virtual universe we will be able to live digital experiences practically like real-world experiences.

Therefore, the challenge for marketing is:

Improve the quality of the purchase and turn it into a creative, fun, and real experience.

Let’s see some strategies that we must take into account to respond to this transformation:
  • Experiment with the possibilities of new technologies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, for our eCommerce.
  • Start with the adoption of new technologies.
  • Study our strategies and prepare our brand to better respond to customers.
"Futuristic" marketing actions that prepare us for the Metaverse
From now on, brands are preparing for their management in the future Metaverse, which is why many online stores already include virtual and augmented reality demonstrations, to improve the customer's shopping experience.

Other current actions that we must take into account for the next Metaverse are:

Digital advertising at higher levels
Currently, brands include digital advertising in numerous ways: associated with videos, in the form of a podcast, etc.

But already several developers of augmented reality video games are including advertising within virtual scenarios and in a non-intrusive way, both on mobile phones and traditional computers, game consoles, or virtual reality glasses.

And many brands are investing in this type of promotion. Some like National Geographic, Uber, Amazon, and Gillette, have understood the importance of this "futuristic" trend, which will be key in the Metaverse.

Ecommerce and Virtual Fashion
This is a trend that, as we explained, has started in many online stores, with virtual demonstrations of what clothing or footwear will look like.

Well, it is thought that it will also be a trend in the Metaverse, since those who participate in its first versions change their avatars constantly.

Real-time event upgrade
A physical event will be given a digital dimension, such as enjoying a live performance by a musician who is remote, or even at auctions, to purchase a digital product.

Banner Campaigns
Algorithms are said to play a key role in bringing advertising to the Metaverse. For this reason, the integrated banners will be one of the main advertising elements that will govern the new trend